Name: Olivia James
Age: 18
Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Background Info: Olivia had always been the shy girl, at six she was hiding behind her mothers legs the first day at the rink in Cheyenne. Olivia had been pushed into figure skating to open up more, and once she put her first skate the ice she and everyone else knew Olivia was destined to be an amazing figure skater. Now fourteen years later Olivia is going for gold in the winter Olympics, and she puts all her effort into the practices and performances. Her coaches know she works hard enough, but know if she had more self confidence she could be even better and win gold. Will someone be able to help Olivia break out of her shell and make her more confident so she can take home gold to Cheyenne and her loved ones. 
Model: Nina Dobrev
Taken by: Mademoiselle Charlotte-▲

Hello, I'm Olivia James, a figure skater. I am shy, but determined. So introduce yourself.
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