2013/04/05 Today I'll talk much~
I'm kinda busy for my activities on this week
wanna tell you about the result of my Thesis debate I was passed it YAY!!

But my so closed classmate she not pass it
Al least,she can move out from her stressed and today she joined my work place i take her out from university tho!
it first time for us to hangout together 
i was talking about my class has a guy who look a lot a like Luhan from EXO-M
and my friend she has a crush on him? or just i'm try hard to ship them together back then when we're new we started to seeking who is the most wanted guy from our class.

I'll describe about guys in my class>> high ego,judging,weird personality who had bold head but they still has confident to act this way 
haha<33 my classmate actually age starting since 23 excepted me but they're really look older than their age
that all about my sad life being stuck here lol:)

I never ask them is you guys really already dating each other while i was injured and gone?
it been awhile i'm not go to class lecture
sth was changed i see it..

I'm not all the time with her since she in Innovation Engineering sector and i'm with that guy-her crush [Structural Arch] until last 2 weeks ago i found out he has twins ,my friend don't know it too 
i did a mistook when i enter my class on first day of this semester i greeting him but he look pissed like WHAT,i met him again at Kendo practice room
until that guy told us his twin transfer from Civil En to studies with us.

Sth worst is twins doesn't have the same personality a slightly not have the same face
i smell sth bad when my friend said that weird twins now is her Innovation classmate
no,this not supposed to happened 
why i want a good twin with her kinda no luck again this year isn't?
my best couple not even start dating,and i really hat* that weird twin idk he reminded me to he is a player i see from his actions and he look interest to my friend and he called me gorilla i hat* him much ,my friend from Sci Fac. told me that weird twin dating a girl same fac as her but he still brave enough to eyeing my friend.

We end up hangout together at my work place even i'm not welcome him but he still came and maybe shy guy[a good twin] always lose his chance for bad guy[weird twin] as well

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