Update:Thanks to @leannesugarplum [you're so nice dont get me wrong by my direct words] to report me NOW THAT PARODY SET WAS DELETED 
and i'm not delete note under this set 
I want to tell all member who accident read the note,do not do sth like this ppl
sometimes might be fun but for someone is painful i love art,i'm a painter &idw ppl not respect another ppl creation
Thanks to all an original on Polyvore you're amazing:))

************ I NEED YOUR HELP************
Does anyone can send PM or comment to @johbri i was asked @leannesugarplum to help me since last night but no respond from both of them idk if ppl here want to help me or not?
seriously i was following her&support her such a long time she not even fab original set of my art,why do sth awkward like this?

Pls tell her delete this set http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_2696/set?id=85154157
it was parody of my painting

- This set i was combined my art with fashion:http://www.polyvore.com/just_you/set?id=49720394
- See my art collection
-Another set that featuring my art but nothing to do with transfer on an original:http://www.polyvore.com/weve_got_lot_to_learn/set?id=62228402#

I see you can faves&comments her set @barbarela11 @alicja2204 @emavera @laonela or anyone else who can tell her pls help me then..

I feeling unwell about this,even not a copycat but i don't want to see polyvore member do sth fun to my creation.
Look,Kai is a boy ,he's a person in real life not a character from manga why filled sth weird on his face such as female lip
it was ruined my beautiful piece of art.

The original is mine.
Even my page not a majority of Art set but I do art in my real life just idw to combining my page not means you can made fun on ppl creation.
i'm allowed ppl to used my art in appreciated way
i said it often,before you bring my art to use pls spend sometime to read note under set not just only my art but every sets/pics ppl need to take a look on the detail
**do not transferred,adapting,made fun,copied outfits,idea of ppl creation

i'm not a serious person!
This set might be fun for someone but for an owner of the art this ain't no fun.

**No drama on my page I want to stay clam&made sets.

And thanks to all positive comments&ppl who support me.
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