olivier luv bettencourt

+ name : olivier luc bettencourt
+ age : 17
- - - -
+ appearance : i'm not really one to brag, but i think - and i've been told i'm good looking. i'm 6'3" but i'm pretty pale, i'm french for goodness sakes. i'm scruffy, with green eyes and a flat face. i honestly don't know why girls throw their panties at me. but it just happens.
+ hometown : paris, france
+ family :
[ liliane bettencourt ; mother ]
[ luc bettencourt ; father / deceased ]
[ fleur bettencourt ; sister ]
- - - -
+ likes and dislikes : sex, drugs, cars & money // stupidity, ignorance & video games.
+ short biography : i was born and raised in the boonies of france. my mother went to oxford and double majored in chemistry and business. yes. my mother is very smart. however she didn't have a penny to her name. she got in on scholarship, and when she got out she really didn't have anywhere to go. she tried getting jobs but nobody wanted to hire a woman. so she struggled for a long time. she became a waitress at a nice restaurant in the heart of paris, right by the eiffel tower. it was also where many business men stopped by to get a croissant and some tea. this is where she met luc bettencourt. an heir and entrepreneur. it was love at first sight, but in this time, with this class difference anything would have been widely frowned upon. and the bettencourts were ... very public. so she has to be someone first. what did the millionaire do? he bought into liliane's idea; l'oreal cosmetics. i think the rest is fairly self explanatory. right up until he was diagnosed with lung cancer. he died shortly after, it was terminal and they had just gotten the technology to see masses. my mother - lilane, she was devastated. i was only 3, my sister was 6. after that she became colder, she divulged all her time into her work. and since she practically sold me like cattle to the highest bidder. it's safe to say we don't have the best relationship. she just has my open bank account and she knows she will see me for christmas. i don't do it on purpose. we just don't see eye to eye. like with me and karalina. i know she's not the... most upstanding lady. but she's sexy and beautiful and everything i want i someone. she's perfect for me. but my mother wanted jezebel as an in-law. because of that she dislikes me that much more.
+ personality : i'm sweet, debonair. i love classics - everything classic; music, cars, bikes, living... just everything classic. kind of like karalina.
+ secrets : me and my mom's relationship. it's hard for me to talk about. especially since any girlfriend has to feel that void left by my mother's lac of love or care. and i hate my sister. and i had sex with jezebel once. i know that would DESTROY karalina if she found out * WINK WINK *.
- - - -
+ strengths and weaknesses : my wit & intelligence, my respect and chivalry. // my insatiable libido. my passion. my and karalina are alike like that. we're so passionate, we can't help it if we make mistakes with other people. no matter how much we mean to each other. ew simply can't help it.
*+ clique choice : tba
- - - -
+ activeness : ...
+ anything extra? : ...

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Wrote two years ago
rob will be the forever vampire :) nice collection :)


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