Ombré style

A big trend from summer to fall is Ombré, it sort of symbolizes the way of change from summer to fall. The influent pattern is pretty original and a fun way to wear, because you can combine it in many ways.
Ombré appears in many different styles: From dresses over jeans to Nails over Iphone cases, even hair can be worn in Ombré style: voluntary or not. So when you dye your hair and it just grows out, don't dye again: It's a big trend, even stars and fashion icons wear it!
I made a little collection with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans and leggings, shirts, cardigans, jackets, tops, blouses, scarves, bags, necklaces, iPhone cases, Nails and hairstyles in OMBRE - STYLE.
P.S: This is a set you can look up how to do the Ombré-style on your nails! Big Thank you to @the-tip-girly !
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