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Oh My Beautiful Target
[With so many beautiful targets, who will she aim for?]

- Maura as Narrator POV -

To my surprise, I still managed to get to school early like I had wanted. So that I could greet my teacher before class started. 

Her name was Mrs. Kwon. She was patient with my pronunciation errors. Her black hair was pulled back into a tight bun, not single fly away to be seen for miles. 

She told me that my Language Assistant person was waiting for me in the lunch area and that the two of us were excused from class for the first half of the day so that he could show me around the school and catch me up on where we were in the course material. His name was Lee Byunghun.

I asked how I would find him. To which her smile grew a bit sour, as if just the thought of the boy made her feel disgusted. "Oh believe me, he's not hard to miss." She paused, making sure I understood. "Just look for the boy with purple hair."

…Purple hair? …What, did I get paired with a circus clown, or something?

After checking to make sure I had heard her right, I thanked Mrs. Kwon and made my way to the lunch area.

The last month and a half before we were to move, my mother had pulled me out of school and enrolled us both in a four week express language course. And for thirty days we literally ate, slept, and crapped Korean. But by the end, we were both fluent enough to get by.

But /I/ still wasn't fluent enough to just adapt to school classes that were /entirely in Korean/, at the drop of a hat - not without struggling greatly, at least. Hence why the school had assigned me a Language Assistant - and, consequently, why I was now looking for said grape-haired boy.

Mrs. Kwon had been right though - he wasn't hard to miss. He was sitting by himself at a table off in the corner of the room - or rather, he was sitting ON the table. It was situated right next to a large tree which he used as a back rest. 

I made my way over to his table. He didn't look up from the phone in his hands, even when I knew he knew that I was right beside him. So I took the opportunity to give him a once over; skinny, looked to be about my height, nice skin with a couple moles here and there, and glasses that separated a pair of eyes that had seen too many monsters, from a world still trying to be innocent.

Something was…different, about this boy. I could just tell. I cleared my throat, "Lee Byunghun?"

His worldly eyes looked up to me for the first time, his mouth set in a hard line. "You're the new girl?"

He spoke in surprisingly good English, throwing me off a bit. After a moment, I nodded.


I furrowed my brow in confusion. "For what?"

"Getting me out of class - you saved me the usual trouble of sleeping through it." He answered, slipping his phone into his pocket before getting up off the table and staring to walk away. Not turning around or stopping, he beckoned with his hand over his shoulder. "Follow me."

He began giving me a tour of the school. It was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. But everywhere we went, I got the same dirty looks from all the students - although, I could have sworn that some of them were actually directed towards Byunghun.

"Byeongari?" I suddenly asked, interrupting him in his explanation of study hall. "Why did they pair you with me?"

He stared at me with an expression of indifference, before shrugging. "I've lived in America for the past five years and, therefore, can speak English the best. It was probably an obvious choice - seeing as how I'm supposed to help you out with anything you struggle with."

"So…you're basically like my automatic best friend/private tutor."

"Ha, no." He said bluntly, turning to start walking again. "And don't call me Byeongari."

I crossed my arms, following after him. "Well I don't like 'Byunghun', so tell me what I /can/ call you."

"L.Joe." He replied.

I snorted. "What are you, some sort of rapper-wannabe? Or - or is that what all your /fangirls/ call you?" I ran around in front of him and clasped my hands together, wiggling cutely. "Oh L.Joe Oppa~ You're SOOOO wonderful~" I cooed out jokingly, and pinched his cheek for added affect.

He shoved my hand away and I only laughed harder. But from the twitch in his forehead, I could tell that I had stuck a never. "Whatever, America. Good luck finding your own way around." He scoffed and began to stalk away.

"H-hey, wait a minute!" I called, running after him and grabbing his wrist to stop him. "I'm sorry, okay? My tongue has a mind of its own sometimes, and it doesn't like playing nice with others." I let go of his wrist and he let out a sigh before turning to face me once more. 

"It fine." He rubbed the back of his head. "I'm a real grouch when it comes to my name, is all."

I smiled and patted his shoulder. "S'all good bro." We began walking again, this time right beside one another instead of me following after him. "And speaking of names - I know this might sound hard to believe, but mine's not 'America'. It's Maura, Maura Glace - like in glacier, not glass."

L.Joe chuckled. "And you thought /my/ name was weird."

He flinched a bit when my fist made contact with the side of his arm, but he continued to chuckle anyway.


Come lunch time, we had made our way back to the table that I had found the purple-haired boy at this morning - and surprisingly, it was empty. We sat and ate in silence for a bit - or rather, /I/ ate. L.Joe just scowled down at his food like it had committed some heinous crime against him.

"Can I tell you something?" He suddenly asked, turning in his seat to face me. 

I nodded, doing the same. 

"The real reason they paired me with you is…" He glanced away, doubt flickering in his eyes. He lowered his head, refusing to maintain eye contact as he continued. "Is because about a month into this school year, I came out about being gay… And they thought that - forcing me to be with a /pretty/, /American/ girl all day, every day, might - you know - get me to switch back to the playing for the '/right/ team'."

I blinked at him, a little confused. "I thought Koreans were cool about that sort of thing, though - what with all the fan service your idols do."

Even under his bangs, I could see him roll his eyes. "That's fine for idols, America; not normal, high school boys. Korean society doesn't accept /rebels/ like me - hell, I'm only getting away with the dyed hair because I used to live in America!"

Without a second thought, I leaned forward and hugged him; he looked like he just needed a hug right then. I felt him tense up, but chalked it up to me just startling him. "That's so stupid-- " I began, only to be cut off by a high pitched male voice.

"Hey, L.Hoe, you got yourself a girlfriend?" I let go of L.Joe to see two boys standing a couple feet away, laughing to themselves.

"Yah, Finally decided to hop back over to the right side of the fence there, did we wang-dda**?" The shorter of the two boys added nastily. They then high fived over their 'cleverness' before walking away.

I glared after them, before turning to L.Joe. "Why did...?"

"Skinship. You hugged me, so they assumed..."

"Oh." I looked down, ashamed.

"Yeah…"L.Joe rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

People really could be so mean some times.

"…Well, why don't we pretend to be dating to get those guys, and everyone else, off your back?"

He looked at me like I was crazy. "N-No. I can't ask you to do that." He shook his head. "I don't want you to become a wang-dda, too."

I smirked. "One thing you'll come to learn, L.Joe, is that once I make up my mind - nothing short of a zombie apocalypse is going to stop me." I patted his shoulder. "I /am/ going to help you. End of story."

"But…why would you do something like that for /me/?"

I gave him a look that said the answer was obvious. "Cause, you’re my friend, L.Joe. And if everyone else treats an awesome guy like you that way, then I don't even want to associate with them."

After a moment, he smiled. "Thanks Maura…you're alright."

"You just figured that out now, did ya?"


"OMO, OMO, OMO, GONGCHAN OPPA~ Come sit with me!"

"No, no, Oppa, Oppa - come sit with me~"

"He sat with you last time!"

"But I already bought him lunch!"

The boy the two airheads were frightening over had his back to me, but I could tell that he held up his hands. "T-Thank you girls, really, but I - I need to go see my teacher, so I won’t be able to eat lunch with either of you, I'm afraid."

I nodded, believable excuse - the airhead twins certainly bought it.

"AWW, okay Oppa~" The one hiccupped. 

"Let us know if you need tutors, nyah?" Her friend added with a wink.

"What was that about?" I asked L.Joe, trying not puke from the duo's pathetic attempts to flirt.

He simply turned back to his lunch. "Gong Chan Shik, aka Gongchan. He's a third year, and very popular cause he's, like, flower boy status all up in here." He waved his chopsticks around for added effect. "Too good looking for his own good, if you ask me."

I chuckled at my friend's obvious jealousy of the older boy, and turned back to look at the scene. I froze. The boy - this Gongchan fellow - he looked exactly like the boy from this morning...

He gaze found mind, and his eyes widened a bit as if he recognized me, as well. My whole body tensed up like L.Joe's had when I hugged him; this Gong Chan Shik was definitely the same boy from this morning.

Thankfully, a boy that I assumed to be one of his friends came up just then and slung his arm over Gongchan's shoulder. The dark haired boy laughed at something his friend said before they began to walk away.

I stared after him as he went, literally stunned.

"Gongchan's the boy who came out of the apartment next to mine this morning." I said to L.Joe in slight panic. "The one I told you was staring at me like a creep. I'm positive."

L.Joe nearly choked on his food, looking up to me with wild eyes.

"Wait-- you mean you live next door to B1A4?!?" 


And so the realization is made. o3o

I have finals on Tues, Wed, & Thru so I won't be able to update again until next weekend probably. > <
Hope you enjoyed the chapter~! Sorry for so much back-story/character development, but I promise you that a)it's all necessary and b)the waiting will TOTALLY be worth it~ ^ ^

**wang-dda = Korean term for someone who is bullied by being excluded; someone who does not participate in anything; an outcast**

GONGCHAN! @chomiczynka
SANDEUL! @dinoburger
BARO! @rawkenroll (if not Jinyoung, maybe Baro then? o3o)
CNU! @ me ^ ^
JINYOUNG! …we need to find someone that I can tag for this poor boy. like seriously.
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@jenny-ism XD LOL okay dongsaeng~ I promise, no teen top boys will be killed by trucks in the writing of this story. not even Ricky. *nods*

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at least don't make Niel have a bad ending unnie :( like he gets hit by a truck or something, nonono. Ricky's okay because no matter what Ricky does, I can still imagine him being cute while doing it. :D

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P-Please don't.
I already saw those gifs of Sandeul sobbing about his grandfather and they just broke my heart. I... I can't bear to see him cry omg. His face is made for smiling and I hate the thought of him so broken and hurt and... and... ;___;

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@dinoburger -____-
*points finger accusingly*

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