You guys look at what @grace-malik made me. So perf!! 

And on another note. I am crying like super hard because my friend and I are texting about homecoming and she says she is positive my crush and his BFF (she wants him to ask her) aren't going to ask anyone so she says if I want to go with him I'm going to have to ask him. And I'm so freaked out I can't do that... But I want to go with him so badly. And if I asked him I would be worried the whole time that he was upset I asked him ya know? WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME. WHY CAN'T FOR ONCE THE GUY I LIKE NOTIC ME AND ASK ME TO HOCO! Ughhhh. Help :c
My BFF is so sweet though because she keeps saying its nothing against me it's just that he doesn't have the balls to do it and he is so dang shy & I guess that's why we would be perfect because I'm like that too. I CAN'T DO IT. Because of my BFF asked a guy (she did last year) it would be cool and sweet and he would be flattered but if I did it would just be weird because I have never even talked to the guy. So it would be obvious I have a crush on him and just MAKE THE TEARS STOP FLOWING nowwwww. Oh my god.




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Wrote three years ago
@lovegod-5350 you are so sweet! That's true. I'm going to think about it and talk to my friends tomorrow and hopefully I'll work up the courage to do it. ❤

Wrote three years ago
You should totally go for it. The worst thing he could do is say no. Plus you seem really nice and all that. So ya. I think you should do it.

Wrote three years ago
@grace-malik thanks grace. I'm going to think about it. I'm absolutely terrified but who knows what will happen...

Wrote three years ago
girls can ask guys, dont be afraid :)

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