My fav lynch moments

(From R5 TV) Riker: I am a great filmographer, wait is that even a word?

(from Cleverrtv bloopers) Rocky: *jumps around randomly hitting one of the other boys*

(From Cleverrtv bloopers) Ross: * dancing around randomly and when sits down, breaks the couch*

(From a Popstar! magazine interview) Ross: Rocky is so hashtag swag, but it can't just be swag it has to be hashtag swag

[From R5TV (there are two)] Ryland: Come on how could you not get a monkey, it even has a skirt

(This one involves Ross) 
Ross: we are on the Cars ride
Ryland: Ross you have to say it like this OH MY GOSH WE ARE ON THE CARS RIDE!!!!!


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