Today i came across to allkpop site and found this article http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/07/smrookies-yuta-says-he-never-learned-about-hashima-island-in-japanese-textbooks-on-abnormal-summit

Like an age i visit allkpop coz idw to know any negative news of exo.

After read this article,it's bothering my mind.
i knew that on Korea broadcast some Japanese's topic should not talk,discuss.
and what Yuta (member of SM's Rookies) said about he don't know about the conflic.t island between Japan-Korea-China or never learn the crue.lty that Japanese did in the past (during war) from school i'd like to say that IS NOT TRUE.

I think because he is Japanese in Korea so he need to be careful esp soon to be he will debut.
however,the source on allkpop give viewers in wrong idea about why Japan trying to ignore what Japanese ever did during the war.
we learn it from school even though isn't full details in junior school(too cru.el for student age a round 12-15) but in university every faculty must learning Japanese history they did added war part in text book and teach new generation to do not do the same mistakes.
that why nowadays Japan changed 360 degree.
as part Japanese-Korean myself i dont know how to react to what Yuta did ,he also stayed in awkward situation.

I'm really upset abit to Yuta,he is fully Japanese original come from Osaka the city that have the most diversity of races.and he only younger than me 3/6 years i'm sure he come from same generation as mine,i assumed that Osaka ppl kinda conservative than Tokyo ppl but came out like he said i kinda surprised to his stated as "i don't know,not learn it before"
every time when i read about Japanese story on Korea broadcast makes me sad how they makeup things.

this is long comment. 
( open for opinion if you want to leave your comment related to topic)

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