Friday: After the spa with Kash, I headed to the beach with Mirelle, Rochelle, their boyfriends, and Rob to relax some more.
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“Wow. I think I officially have the hottest girlfriend in all of Dubai.” Rob says, running his eyes down my Rosa Cha bikini-clad body as I emerge from the bathroom. My skin is glistening with tanning oil and my hair is cascading down my back in beachy waves.

I giggle and take a step closer to him, until there’s almost no space between our bodies. He pulls me closer to him and our lips meet passionately. I pull away after a while, partially because we have to go, and partially because I’m getting tanning oil all over his toned torso. 

“We have to go…” I say, throwing on a white cotton sundress.

“We don’t have to…” He says, his words lingering in the air.

“Tempting.” I pull him closer for a kiss, “Very tempting. But we do, I promised the girls. Rochelle’s boyfriend Evan will be there.”

“From the party?”

“Yes. Now, we really have to go!” I urge and he puts a shirt on. I grab my Topshop bag (not forgetting my tanning oil) and we head out the door.


“Now, enough about me. I can’t stand to talk about it anymore, what’s going on with you guys?” Mirelle asks, after explaining to Ro and I what happened with her and Kevin last night.

“Rob is amazing. I love him so much.” I pipe up, smiling at them.

“Tell me something I don’t know!” Rochelle jokes, and we all burst out laughing. I look up to see Evan and Rob approaching with beer bottles in their hands, talking avidly about something. Probably sports. 

“Well,” I say, leaning in closer to Mir and Ro, “Rob is totally amazing in bed.” I wink at them jokingly, as they squeal just when Evan and Rob approach us.

“What’s going on, baby?” Rob asks, looking from Ro and Mir to me. I widen my eyes at them, daring them to tell, but they stay silent.

“Nothing.” I say, smiling at him sweetly. I take his beer bottle from his hand and drink a bit, handing it back to him. 

“I love it when you drink beer, baby.” He says, smirking at me sexily.

“I love you.” I say, sliding a little closer to him on my towel. I look over to see Ro and Evan making out and Mir, checking her phone for the millionth time.

I lie down on the towel, my stomach neatly concaving, when I feel Rob’s arm around my shoulder. He’s lying next to me, his head turned to look at me. I peck him on the lips softly, and nestle myself closer to him in his arm, making sure I still get my tan.
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