This set is dedicated to my (real) friends here. Idk, if leave some comments under your sets then other can be friend so it’s too easy.
It’s been a week and now I’m here back to “dramma” place. 
I don't know what happened through a week, I didn't check my new activities usually. I see many tag(s), many comments, 2 messages from some ppl on PV. Some ppl say that I’m coppying, some ppl say that they CAN NOT see the similar between 2 of us but they still send me a mess just said that: They was read her description.

I’m kinda busy with new company, 2 photoshoots a week, 2 commercial films and the most important thing is I’m on the deadline of editing for my next month post on RSVP. I'm a freelance stylist and my main job is a part-time editor on RSVP magazine (If someone havent know me yet)

I i intended end of this drama story in silent but to day, when I'm talking with my real friend, she said: why did you do that?! You keep the silent mean you are copying when the truth that you are not. And then I think too much about this so this set is my answer for all of you guys.

She add some links of my old sets under her description. She just try to do this to ppl here assent that I copied her. She made some sets just confirmed that I'm copy her layout, her items. When I see it, I'm not angry at all. hilarious that I'm not a type of this drama queen. Well~ i dont have more free time to pull down her page to see her old sets. I dont wanna to reply any more questions about this.

I just want everybody know one thing that I wont leave this site. I'll around here and no one can ordered me delete my acc or do something with my sets. 

I said by my old words, unfollow me if you dislike. Might you can talk about me as a copycat but sorry I never mind coz my real life is so good.

Sadly, even though you tried your best, people would not give a **** about what you did 

Oh I’m not good at express “drama” words

p/s I delete some rude comments bcoz I feel unwell with you guys
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