Ok, I just came from an awfully tiring day in a showroom and yesterday I was backstage for Vaccarello's show, I could write such a long post about it but I recently decided to be all good and stop focusing in people's flaws, instead I'll just say: I met Anja Rubik, Cara Delevingne (she even posed for a picture with me o_O) Jourdan Dunn (who I completely ignored even though I was supposed to help her with her outfit and the rest of my friends were freaking out just to see her ¬_¬) and the most memorable meeting after seeing Tao Okamoto: Shu Pei and Vivien Ong! OMG! Vivien is such a beautiful and lovely girl!!!! I loved her! she was so quiet and she looked half amused and half confused to see Cara jumping all around being all hyper, singing and getting all the attention along with Jourdan. Vivien was so nice to talk to, we were talking all the time and I was like, OMG! i'M YOUR FAN! you're so gorgeous! and she was so surprised that someone recognized her being among super models like Anja! she was all like really? are you serious? you're kidding me right? and she childishly said to no one 'Thank you mom, thank you dad!I have to thank them for my looks" xD she was sooo down to Earth! <3 <3 <3 and she posed with me for a picture as well, but come on! I look like a fat dwarf next to super models :/! they all are soooo pretty! I forgot to fangirl about the clothes, which were really good! LOL well... I think I'll go to sleep, I've been up since 6 am and working 8 hours in a showroom!! T_T I want to just lay down and die! hahaha
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