angelique "angel" huntington-bentley, LBS
note: angel is wearing the outfit with the white cora lace maxi dress.

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welcome to lunaris boarding school! well, since all of the students are checking in today, we're having a little welcome / orientation party. the infamous lunaris white party will be held today, behind in the academy's prestigious green grass gate. you will only be allowed in the party if you are wearing white, and while here, you will get your class schedule and your dorm assignments.

I scanned the many groups of people for a familar face until I eventually found him talking to a pretty brunette, it didn't shock me since he was always talking to a girl. I didn't know how his pick-up lines still continued to work their magic, he had a tendancy of over using them sometimes. And that was the one thing that I hated about my brother, otherwise he was one of my closest friends. I excused myself politely although I had the urge to elbow them until they moved out of my way, it seemed that people were deaf or had selective hearing. I cursed in French as I approached Chuck finally, I noticed another good-looking brunette girl who was looking at me with wide eyes. Did you understand French and not like my potty mouth? I didn't really care but I smiled slightly.

"Chuck. Flask. Now" I stated, eyeing my brother's blazer. I knew that he always carried a small flask of alcoholic beverage in a pocket on the inside of his blazer.

"Didn't mother ever teach you manners?" he chuckled, taking the small flask out and handing it to me slowly, "Now, don't drink it all like you did last time".

"Well, you musn't know me well enough" I smirked, before being interrupted by a (fake) cough made by the brunette that my brother had been speaking to.

I took a mouthful from the flask before putting a smile, "You should get that cough checked out by a doctor, you might be coming down with something" I said, sounding genuinely sincere.

"No, sweetie. And next time, you should excuse yourself before rudely interrupting an important conversation" she stated, her b.tchy tone hinted that she was one of 'those' girls. My brother most certainly knew how to pick them!

"I'm sorry" I spoke, but I honestly couldn't give a shit. But my favourite quote had always been 'kill them with kindness'.

"You better be" she rolled her eyes.

"Well, this isn't how I was planning on introducing the two of you" Chuck frowned, "Angelique this is Alisha, Alisha this is Angelique".

"Bunny" Alisha corrected Chuck, with a slight nod of her head and a small smirk crossing her face.

"Angel" I responded with a smile, "don't you see the halo?" I joked before taking once last mouthful from the flask, leaving it half empty and handing it to him.

"Nice to see that you left me some" he smiled; I rolled my eyes playfully before leaving the two although I felt 'Bunny's' eyes attempting to burn holes into the back of my head. Wasn't she the most pleasant? I knew that wasn't going to be the end of her.

"Nice to see Miss Angel's back in town" spoke a familar voice, I turned to see one of Chuck's closest buddies, Nate. He had a tall blonde standing with him, it was no surprise really. He was like my brother, always with a girl. If they weren't flirting with the girl, they were making out with the girl or whatever pleased them at the time. 

"Oh, little Natey's grown up" I smirked, he'd grown an inch or two and although I didn't think it was possible, he was more handsome. "I hope we've settled on the alcohol and drugs, tsk tsk" I added, the blonde exchanging odd looks at the two of us.

"As if" he chuckled.

"You haven't changed" I laughed, before nodding as a 'goodbye' and finding the beverages table.
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