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johanna 'jo' gaudio (23)
birthday: september, 30th
hometown: montgomery, alabama (but with italian ancestors)
bio: for her whole life jo was just another pretty girl wearing cute flowery clothes and attending social events in alabama, with her usual friends and family. Aside from the growimg closet, she came up with the brilliant idea of a blog which became the main motherboard of informations about her life and interests. Thanks to her good taste, a fluid writing and healthy malice she made it to climb the cybernetic pyramid of popularity. Other than her large following being due mostly to Tumblr, Myspace, Youtube and Lookbook, her huge knowledge of music, art, cinema, literature and even cooking aided in her blog reputation. Besides her successful and budding blogging career, however, she wanted more and against her family's will she moved to la to attend UCLA, a long long way from home. The question is how she still manages to keep up with all her interests, the blog, the courses, the clubs without going mad or, worse, nerd....
occupation: political science student/blogger
likes: The Beautiful and Damned, skinny jeans, taking pictures, her Iphone, Woody Allen, cigarettes, messy hairs, Italian food, contemporary art, chipped short nails, being right, spoilers, skinny dipping, her family, playing tennis, places she has never seen, Jane Austen
dislikes: tan, moustaches, dumb people, being rude, coffee, vegetables, dust, spiders, being told what to do, early morning, when people make fun of italians, her family
never without: something to take pictures, red lipstick and her hair done
looks: Chelsea Coyle
status: single


ALL GROWN UP; johanna gaudio


'jo' my mom's voice reached me from the kitchen, clear and sweet as usual, 'come here, babe'. I raised from my fluffy pale pink bed, dipping my feet in a pair of soft slipper before walking silently to the brunette woman, in a yellow apron, who was leaning towards the hoven to pull out a steamy, delicious-looking apple pie. 'finally' she said, smiling and cutting a piece of it with a fork, 'tell me how it is' my mom added, feeding me with gentle hand. 'mhm' i chewed, tossing back a rebel wisp of hair which had slipped out of my braid, 'delicious, as always' i repeated as i always did when she asked me so. She smiled, proudly, loosing the knot of her apron behind her back and placing it neatly into a drawer. 'what happened to your hair?' she glared sweetly at some brown lock all over my face, 'go wear something cute, my love. we are having dinner with the arringtons tonight. george will be there, too' she winked, smoothing imaginary folds on her flowery peach dress. I rolled my eyes, exasperated 'he's such a idjit he can’t even tie his own shoes.' my mum turned to look at me as i had just offended her and not our stupid neighbours' son, 'he is a good boy, jo and well-off too'. 'Ha-ha' Never ever was i going to date that gorilla, not even if was my mom the one suggesting it; i did love her dearly but i could barely stand her need to arrange every single aspect of my life. I turned back to reach my room, i checked my latest post on my blog finding hundred comments about my latest outfit. Mentally clapping my hands,i opened my closet searching for something 'cute' to wear but, before i could even choose i heard somebody knocking on the door. 'Come in' i muttered still concentrated on what to wear, 'what's this?' I turned to look at my dad, absent-mindedly. He waved a white piece of paper in front of my face; i grabbed it to look at it and my face opened in wide smile, 'oh my god' i screamed, opening it frantically, 'it's a letter..... from the UCLA!'. 'What do you think you are doing, young lady?' He asked, glaring at me and i could tell he was mad. I tried to hold a smile, without success, 'i got accepted' i murmured and he pulled out the letter from my hand to read it intently. ' you are not going anywhere. We already talked about it. You can go to auburn university if you want, though' he stated, and i sighed in exasperation. 'daddy-' i tried to say, 'no, jo. This is my last word' he cut me off, suddenly replacing his frown with a offhand smile. I held back the bitter tears that burned my eyes while he caressed my hair, 'when you'll have children you'll understand, babe' he muttered, kissing my forehead and i resisted the urge to shook away his hands of my head, /no, i won't/ i thought faking a smile. 'Can you tell mum that tonight i don't feel like coming to dinner?' I asked him, sitting on the edge of my bed looking at dad whose head poked out from the door, 'why not? George will be there too' he said, i shook my head in disbelief, was that a conspiracy? 'I'm tired and i wouldn't be a good company' i tried to sound convincing, he nodded kindly before going out of my room. /this is my chance/ i thought, /the only way to fullfil my ambitions/. I sighed again, /why couldn't they understand?/ in a second i took my luggage from the closet, placing clothes in a jumble inside of it. I grabbed my iphone, my laptop and the letter from the ucla. I threw my best shoes in the huge bag, before closing it and taking all the money i had from my pig money box. I smiled to myself excited for my bravery, trying to suppress my anxiety and all the feeling i had for my parents. The next thing i knew is that two days later i was in los angeles, finally living my life. 


i thought so much about something to write and well i am still unsatisfied about my story. As usual i hate tryout stories because i never know what to write :/ but i love johanna and i think i could do good writing her; she is very similar to me and still, very different. She has the english version of my sister's name (i didn't choose mine because iolanda is way too old fashioned and well, i love 'johanna') . She was born the same day as i was and she likes and dislikes the same thing i do. :) this is it; she even studies political science like me. The story is a bit confusing but i wanted to make clear that she moved from alabama to cali to be the person that her parents won't let her be. She keeps this blog (which i imagined pretty well-known in the usa) who's a huge inspiration for her and on it she writes everything (books she read, movie she watched, food she ate, dress she wore etc) plus she goes to uni, studying to become a diplomat..... I hope you'll like as much as i do :)
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fantastic dear i love it <3

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So lovely! Great layout!

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nice set

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