TUESDAY DECEMBER 7: We're picking out Christmas trees today! Boston has the best selections in town, so find the perfect one to bring home and decorate. Have fun, and make sure to buy lots of tinsel.

“What about this one?” Brody asked me for about the 12th time today. I sighed. 

“It’s a tree, Brody. I don’t care.” 

“It’s a part of a holiday, Poppy. It’s Christmas.” 

“Then ask Avery.” I said with a scowl.

“You like this one, Avery?” He asked her and she nodded her head in my arms. 

“Ya.” She said and looked around. 

“I don’t know though…” Brody said and I groaned. 
“I’m kidding, lighten up.” 

“Moma, phone.” Avery said to me as Brody started to cut it down and she reached for my purse. 

I sighed and grabbed the phone out of my purse pocket before handing it over to her so she could play with it. Within minutes I heard something fall to the ground and then a cracking sound. 

I looked down at the ground and scoffed. “Avery!” 

“What happened?” Brody asked and I set Ave down on the ground before picking up the pieces of my phone. 

“She broke my phone!” I yelled while looking at her. 
“God why did you do that?!” 

Avery winced at the tone of my voice and Brody picked her up. “She didn’t mean to, Poppy. It’s just a phone.” 

I immediately felt guilty. I don’t even know why I snapped. 

“Why don’t you go wait in the car, Poppy? We’ll be right behind you with the tree.” 

I nodded slowly and turned on my heel before hurrying off to the car, beating myself up inside on the way over. I closed the door as I sat down and waited for them to come over with the tree. The guy helped put it on top of the car and a couple minutes later we were driving home. 

An hour later we had finished decorating the tree. I was distant, like always. I just stood there blankly when Brody helped Avery put the star on the tree. No smile, no praise. Nothing. 

Later that night when Brody and I were trying to fall asleep I was up crying. I’d been crying myself to sleep every night for the past week. 

“Poppy?” Brody asked half asleep. 


“Are you crying?” 


“Oh. Are you sure?” 

I wiped my eyes. “Yeah I’m sure. Just go back to bed.” 

And with that he put his head back on the pillow, draped his arm around me and fell back asleep as I did the same. 

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