the once and future queen | items part i

Mina apparently has no idea she's as young as she is, because she dresses like a grown woman--which isn't to say there's anything steady or staid about her wardrobe, because there isn't. She likes long sleeves or shift dresses, heavy embellishment, black and gold or other bold jewel-toned colors, a lot of edge (but extremely expensive edge), studs, lace, skin-tight fabrics or loosely flowing ones, high-heeled ankle boots, silk-satin blouses, leather or suede skirts--pencil or mini, she's fine either way--and real stockings. It isn't that she doesn't dress down, she owns t-shirts and jeans, they're just always extremely expensive and usually have some kind of unusual quirk, like studs on the shoulders of the t-shirts and gold-threaded embroidery on the jeans. She owns a pretty decent collection of diamonds for a teenager. Her nails are always done in red, and she wears just a tiny dab of Robert Piguet's "Bandit", which is a bold move, but she's full of those.

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