FRIDAY, JANUARY 7TH: Since Lexi has been MIA lately, come to her house for a party to catch up. There'll be truth or dare, spin the bottle, and all those goofy high school games. Bring a date, and have a good time.

"Penny, it's so good to see you!" I exclaimed as I sat down to lunch with her.

"I know, it's great to see you too!" Penny laughed. "You've been so... absent lately."

"I know." I replied, biting my lip. "I've been really uh, busy with David." I blushed.

She grinned. "It's fine, I completely understand."

"Are you coming to my party tonight?" I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

"Of course! I wouldn't miss it for anything."

"Great. Let's go get ready." I told her. I was excited for tonight.

// later on at the party //

"David, dance with me." I grinned taking him by the hand.

"Lex, I suck at dancing. You know that."

"I do know that. But do I care? No." He was so adorable, especially when he danced. Because he really did suck.

"Fine. But just because it's your party." David said. He gently put his hands on my hips, pulling me close to him. "Does this count as dancing?"

I nodded. "Yes. My favorite kind." He leaned down to kiss me, deeply and passionately, again and again. I didn't argue with him.

"Get a room!" I turned around to see Ava standing there, hands on her hips. "You little sl-t."

I fake gasped. "You little b-tch." We laughed and I hugged her. "Where's Marcus and the babies?"

"Both at home. I swear, Kat is such a lifesaver."

"I'm so glad you could come." I said, David's hands still on my hips. "Oh, Ava, this is David. Serena's brother. David, this is Ava."

"Nice to meet you." They both politely said.

Ava pulled me away from David. "He's hot." She laughed. "Good job."

"Thanks. Can you tell I'm head-over-heels? He's amazing." I smiled, beside myself with happiness.

"I can tell he feels the same way." She said looking over my shoulder at him.


"Really." Ava grinned at me. "Have fun. Call me later."

I nodded and smiled, walking back to David. "Sorry about that."

"Don't be." He said, resuming the same position where we last were -- as close to each other without people staring. "You look beautiful tonight."

I blushed. "Thanks." I was wearing one of my sexier dresses, a small black dress with a deep neck line and open back. I was finally putting on some weight, so it fit nicely. 

"Your place after?" David whispered in my ear, swaying our hips together in time with the music.

I shook my head, pulling away. He went to say something, but I put my finger over his lips. "Sh." I turned on my heel, shaking my hips a sufficient amount to turn him on as I walked away, and then went and made the rounds.

I love my life.
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Wrote 5 years ago
I love Mary Kate! She looks so pretty in that white vneck and skirt. LOVE her hair too!

Wrote 5 years ago
well, well.
xo, Alaska.

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
love this!


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