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aurora celine taylor
August 9th – Hangover kicking your butt? Liver throwing a fit because of all you drank last night? Head on down to Granny’s Diner for her miracle hangover cure breakfast special…only $5.99! If you aren’t a morning person, stop by for a cup of coffee and a slice of pie once the sun has gone down. Try to piece together what you did last night and try not to be too embarrassed…after all, we all drank a bit too much at the bonfire. 

I slipped on my shades as I stepped out of my forest green jeep. It wasn’t that the sun was particularly bright, as it was covered by a layer of stormy clouds and fog. My sunglasses had always made me feel safe from the world and as I locked my doors, I exhaled deeply. Last night had really shocked me, I kept anxiously touching my back to make sure that my bra was still there. There was a slight bruise on my ankle, but my hightops covered all but the top of it. Last night, all I could dream about was hundreds of hands touching me, all over my body, clawing at my skin, and pulling my down into this abyss of murky water.

Cars lazily rolled by with their peppy pop music blaring as I crossed the street from my parking spot towards Granny’s Diner. Normally I would be excited about meeting my favorite waitress Darlene, but I was down today. Even the beaming children leaving the establishment with sticky maple syrup stains in their hair couldn’t make me crack a smile. The chiming bell rang as I entered and a blue haired hostess came to seat me immediately.

“Hey little lady! How ya doin’ sweetie?” She said while popping a large piece of blue raspberry bubble gum in the corner of her mouth. 

“I’m fine.” I mumbled back, slowly pulling off my sunglasses and clipping them to my lacy tank top.

“Booth or ta-“ She got out just before Lily waved me down and I just walked right past her. Lily was exactly who I wanted to see right now. She was kind of a mentor to me, teaching me the ways of her cool, coy, and composed personality. If anyone could help me right now, it would be her.

Lily looked up at me with a friendly smile before tossing me a menu. “Hey Miss Pouty. It’s on me, go wild.” 

“Thanks.” I smiled a little at her before burying my nose in the menu. As I poured over the variations of pancakes and bacon, I glanced up at her for a moment. “How was the party last night?”

“It was great.” She giggled, swirling the straw in her glass of iced tea. “Made some pretty good tips from bartending. Even if it was on a sand bar.”

“Puns, I like it.” I laughed, setting my menu down and drumming my fingers on the table., waiting for the waitress to take my order. “You were pretty much surrounded by boys the whole night. Make any new friends?”

“A few.” She said before winking at me. “But I don’t kiss and tell.”

“You sly devil.” I hissed just as Darlene came up to our table. Maybe it was a rule that at Granny’s you had to either be ancient or have brightly colored hair, but in this case it was both. Darlene was a fit woman in her 70’s who would sometimes even break out her roller skates for theme nights. She could skate in them even better than the hostess, who often fell on her butt.

“What can I get you, sweetheart?” She cooed, her pen armed and ready for my complex order.

“Two cinnamon rolls, one with extra cream cheese frosting and one with caramel sauce and pecans, three blueberry pancakes, and a side of turkey bacon. You know how I like it.” I rattled off without a single hesitation. 

“The rory special then.” She teased back, patting me on the shoulder. “Lighten up, Aurora. You’d think that somebody had died.”

“Thanks Darlene.” I muttered, trying to hide the smile on my face as I turned to inspect the pine tree wallpaper. I sat there for several minutes before Lily finally spoke.

“What happened last night, Aurora?” She asked, the tender tone in her voice apparent. Just hearing her call me Aurora made me relax a little bit. It wasn’t in the harsh way that my Uncle always said it when I wasn’t asleep by 10. “I saw you leaving the beach and you seemed… distraught.”

“I’m fine. I promise. I just-“ I froze as the door to Granny’s whipped open. He was here. I could tell by the way he smiled and the hoots of his cronies following him around. I picked up the dessert menu and hid behind it. I could hear Lily turn around, the vinyl seats squeaking.

“He’s gone.” She whispered and I let out a sigh of relief as I tossed the menu aside. 

“I’m sorry about all of that. He just… kind of came onto me yesterday.” I sighed, slumping over as compared to my normally perfect posture. “I didn’t know what to do and he just.. scared me.”

“Oh I did, did I?” A voice from behind me rang out. Before I could even begin to glare at Lily, she was running out the door. She tossed a crumpled ten dollar bill to me as she dashed out, leaving me alone with my newest enemy.

“Yes. Yes you did, and I would appreciate it if you left me alone thank you.” I growled, trying my best to not look him in the eyes. His gorgeous blue eyes.

“You don’t want a continuation of last night?” He crooned in my ear, his breath hot in the air conditioned restaurant.

“A continuation of what? You trying to drown and sexually assault me?” I hissed at him, turning to glare at him. “You should be arrested.”

“Well so should you. It’s a crime against nature to be that beautiful.” He chuckled, obviously proud of his joke. 

“Oh would you two lovebirds quit yucking it up?” A patron from another table hollered, hitting her fist against the table. “It’s ruining my meal.”

“Gwen, that’s rude.” Her partner chastised her, standing up and walking over to my booth. “I apologize for my sister, she’s a little rough around the edges.”

“A little?” She guffawed, taking another sip out of her flask.

“Anyways, Hunter I don’t think that this young lady wants you here.” He stared down Hunter, his bowtie at nose level on him.

“Shut up Henry.” He hissed, wrapping his arm around me. “We’re lovers, right?”

“You don’t even know my name, Hunter.” I spat out his name with especial vengeance. “Henry is it? I would like to get out of this situation thank you.”

“You’re leaving. Now.” Henry growled, his fists clenched. Hunter reluctantly stomped off, shooting just one backwards glance at me. “I’m sorry about that….?”

“Aurora. Call me Aurora.” I smiled, giving him the up and down. 

“Henry, your food’s getting cold. Leave the sIut alone.” Gwen, I believe it was, grumbled as she picked at her salad.

“Sorry about her. I have to go though.” He grinned, pushing his sunglasses back up his nose. “See you around?”

Oh believe me.

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[if you read the story, which i don't think many do, comment people don't understand people like me and then comment in your character! also, if you don't like how i portrayed your character or want to be in a future story let me know!]
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