Leslie Sharp was ready for the weekend she looked over at her best friend Natalie Hudson who was sitting on the fence staring at her twin brother Ryan Sharp as she stepped off the brown wraparound porch Nat called to her 
 Hey come here 
 As she made her way over to the round pen she thought to herself she didn't know when Nat and Ryan were gonna realize that they were meant for each other she laughed I guess Dad was right I worry to much about other people's love life instead of my own 
 What are you laughing about, Asked Nat 
 Aww nothing much Leslie grinned mischieviously. 
 Nat gave her "I know better" look but let it pass.
 Are you going to the bonfire Friday night by the lake
 Yea are you gonna go 
 I dont know I got to check my scedule Mr.Carson is going to drop his horse off he said he's been acting up 
 Well You are going if I have to drag you the whole way there
 Haha very funny nat I'll try my best but I'll let you know tonight over supper. my treat.

 Nat searched around the room for Leslie finally she spotted her. she made her way across the room and sat in the chair across from her.
I ordered you sweet tea
 Thats fine so are you gonna be able to go to the bonfire 
 Yea I think so
 So is buisness booming 
 Everythang is going good I have three horses im working on and more coming monday
 Thats good.their waitress came to take there orders. What will you young ladies have tonight 
 I'll have a cheese burger and spicy fries nat said
 I'll have the same
 Alright i'll have these orders right out
 Thank's Miss.Mary 
 Nat when are gonna tell ryan that you like him 
 I don't know can we talk about somethang else
 I guess.but before they could their food came out and they ate in silence

 The night of the bonfire

 Leslie walked around but didn't see nat but spotted ryan and ........ who was that with him she thought but then suddenly realized it was his pestering best friend Logan Drake. As they made their way over to her she pasted a friendly smile
 Hey sis have you meet my friend logan
 How could I forget someone like him
 Logan grinned yea someone as hot as I am how could anyone forget
 You are to funny I was meaning about your pestering ways 
 Well im gonna go talk to nat i'll just leave yall to your aguring and ryan walked off
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