Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
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The sleepy town of Storybrooke, Maine has a secret, the quaint little inns and small town gossip is hiding something much more sinister. A curse that has everyone forgetting who they truly are, characters in childhood fairytales. The evil queen who wanted no one’s happiness but her own cast this curse nearly twenty eight years ago. Everything remained perfectly the same, their lives remarkably ordinary, with the evil queen on top. That was until Emma Swan came into town, pulled in by her son Henry who she gave up years ago, the appearance of this newcomer stirs up the town and quite literally restarts the clock. The timeless battle of good vs evil is ready to begin again. Does she have what it takes to break the curse?
This will follow the tv show for the most part, except Graham will not be dying because I actually like him. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please pm me.
Rules when RPing
1. Write more than a little tiny sentence while RPing; I understand it when you are already RPing and close to ending it. But please people write more then one sentence.
2. If your character is a cannon character follow the character plot, and remember if you RP in Storybrooke before the curse was broke (with the exception of Jefferson Hatter or Sheriff Graham) they won't remember. You may also (I encourage this) RP as their fairytale character as well to give some more depth.
3. No rating, don't like it, don't do it.
4. For original characters: no site models, they must look their age. And please research the characters as well. But creativity is ok- but don't go full out making an entire new background for the fairytale character.
5. Make sure to reserve canon characters, but they will only be reserved for five days.
6. Fashion sets are greatly appreciated; do not do a set with simply so pictures of your character. (For guys I understand but put some artwork or quotes in there)
7. Eight characters at a max (They cannot all be one gender)
8. If you want a character that is already in the show but isn't in the characters collection I will put it in there but I really don't want model changes.
9. Don't kill another character off without permission and...
10. Please don't god mod.
Once Upon A Time Life
1. Fairytale character (must have name, personality, history, and counterpart)
2. Storybrooke character (must have name, personality, history, and counterpart)
3. Occupation in Storybrooke
4. What land do they come from? (ex: Wonderland, Enchanted Forest, Under the Sea, Neverland)
5. Good, neutral, or evil (tell me why)
6. Family (assuming they have one; also applies to step/adopted or people you think of as family)
7. True love (they all have one)
8. Friends/allies in fairytale and in Storybrooke (if their different you can make two different sets if you want)
9. Enemies in fairytale and in Storybrooke (if their different you can make two different sets if you want)
10. You in Storybrooke first season
11. You first meeting Emma Swan
12. You during "Heart of Darkness"
13. Do you think Mary Margaret hurt/killed Kathryn? Whose side are you on and why?
14. You during another episode (ex: Hat trick, An Apple Red As Blood) can be fairytale or Storybrooke
15. You during a "A Land Without Magic"
16. You in Storybrooke second season
17. You during "Broken"
18. Did your character fall through the hat to go back to the Enchanted Forest?
19. Meeting/seeing Aurora, Philip, and Mulan (if you already knew her include flashback, also only applies if your in Enchanted forest)
20. Meeting/Seeing Hook (if you already knew him include flashback)
21. Meeting/Seeing Cora (if you already knew her include flashback)
22. Your return to Storybrooke or your reaction to Mary Margaret and Emma's return
21. You during "The Cricket Game"
22. You during "The Outsider"
23. You during "In the Name of the Brother"
24. To kill or not to kill? Do you want Greg (aka the guy who crashed into Storybrooke) dead or alive?
25. The search for Baelfire? Do you go with Emma, Henry, and Rumplestiltskin?
26. Your reaction upon learning that Neal Cassidy is Baelfire and Henry's father
27. Your return to Storybrooke
28. You during "Selfless, Brave, and True"
29. You during "Lacey"
30. You during "The Evil Queen"
31. You during "Second Star to the Right"
32. You during "And Straight on 'til Morning"
33. Did you go to Neverland? If so then why?
34. You in Storybrooke (or if your with Emma to save Henry) season three
35. You during "The Heart of the Truest Believer"
36. You during "Lost Girl"
37. Meeting/seeing Tinkerbell (if you already knew her include flashback, also only applies if your in Neverland)
38. You in "Ariel" (do you know Ariel or not?)
39. You in "Dark Hollow"
40. You in "Save Henry"
Here are some classic stories you can get character ideas from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grimms%27_Fairy_Tales#List_of_fairy_tales
If you want you can use the template: http://www.polyvore.com/once_upon_time/template?id=398505
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