TV Show Review (spoilers): 

Once Upon A Time inspired. I am really enjoying this TV show so far and wanted to talk about it : ) I’ve got 5 episodes left until I finished season 1. Like whoa, how did I ever get this far?! At first I thought 22 episodes? We have got a long way to go...

Plot synopsis: this is a fantasy fairy tale based TV show. It opens up with the scene where Prince Charming kisses Snow White and she wakes up, then they get married but the evil Queen arrives to ruin everything. She puts a curse on the fairy tale world, so they all are trapped in the ‘real world’ in Storybrooke and they don’t remember who they are. Plus no character can ever leave Storybrooke. 

Each episode tells you each character’s backstory with the fairy tale and Storybrooke world. The problem with this series is that sometimes I watch a episode, then it ends and I was like ‘was that it?!’ Every episode seems to always end with a cliffie! I do like where this series is going but I just far the producers of this TV show can go with the storyline before it becomes far-fetched or naff. Remember Heroes? That was SO GOOD and then it went really crap. 

Regina/evil Queen is such a b!tch, I can't even tell you how much I hate her. I know why she is this way after seeing her backstory, but still. She is so cunning, deceitful and conniving. She is very sick too (a heart in a box?!) and she is a real nasty piece of work, but it is excellent acting by Lana Parilla! She should win an award for biggest b!tch or best villain. Regina is what makes this whole show interesting, without her there wouldn’t be a show because she’s the one who started all this. I think she does genuinely care about Henry though otherwise she wouldn’t have raised him, but does feel jealous of how much Henry and Emma spend time together. Speaking of Henry, the casting director couldn't have chosen a better actor to play Henry! He is adorable. He is like the little star of the show. 

Emma Swan is a great character and heroine. She’s relatable and well rounded. She makes mistakes but deals with it. She’s tough and a very independent person. She’s not looking for love but stays in Storybrooke to do detective work, finding out the truth and along the way builds a relationship with her son, Henry. Before, Emma has always on her own, but stays in Storybrooke for Henry. I like how there are strong female characters in the show. Even Snow White/Mary Margaret, in the fairy tale, she is really good at using an arrow and bow, and defending herself. 

Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold is such an interesting character! He is another character who keeps the show very interesting besides Regina. He looks extremely creepy in the fairy tale (esp. when he laughs) but he is very powerful. In Storybrooke, he seems more charismatic, than creepy. He can give you any wish you want, but he will want something in return. So be careful for what you wish for. I am so interested to see him and Belle together. He actually remembers who he is. 

I don’t know if I’ve said but everyone is so attractive. This is a very attractive cast. 

Bottom line: I think you should watch it if you like fantasy TV shows : )

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