If I were Kate, the duchess, this dress is one of the dresses I am going to wear.

 If I haven't mentioned it yet, me and Kate share a very similar style, the only difference is that I would go for more eye-catching outfits with beautiful prints like this one, and that my wardrobe would definitely be filled with pointed pumps and not her favorite not so pointed pumps lol 

btw I have to admit that I admire her fascinator hats and wish that I could wear them here everyday!

It's just really not me to have a fashion icon or inspiration to copy from. Even if I like someone else's style or choice of clothes, I still like to be original rather than copy them. I want my wardrobe to be "me". I want everything to be personalized and reflect my personality. Kate is an inspiration but I'm really not as minimalist as she is so I will have some very different dress choices.

So you might wonder what happened? Why wasn't I here these past few months?

Well I am so bad at multi-tasking. It's like a disease that gets on the way of doing what I have to do. So I went back to preaching believing that we now live on the end times, I was determined to further simplify my life and help others learn about the bible. I knew I wasted time again mourning and stressing myself about the abuse that has happened to me when I should have been stronger and preached to others still. So that is what I did and now that I felt like I've made up for those lost time by preaching few times a week, I decided that it's time to also get back on track here on PV.

I have tried a lot of times in these past weeks to create sets but my internet wouldn't allow me to. I have a lot of unfinished drafts and whenever I try to create sets my items won't show up and the hassle would just draw me away. I also never stopped clipping items as I always planned to create sets even once in a while but even clipping takes too long! Net-a-porter would continuously crash after just saving a few items and I had to devote a lot of time on a task that should not take more than 15 minutes but there is a WILL and thankfully there was a WAY and here I am again seeing your beautiful and inspiring creations! I am just so glad to be back!

How could I forget all of my wonderful and amazing, kind, talented and caring polyfriends here? I missed your beautiful sets, your inspiring and encouraging messages, your touching comments and compliments on my sets. It's just impossible to fight the temptation not be here on pv, the most wonderful place on the net!

Saying hello to some of my dearest friends here:

@hatsgaloore @pam0713 @sherry7411 @sue-mes @ino-6283 @funny-freaky @arabicacup @anne-irene @rainie-minnie @giko-is-giantsister @natcatt @dinqa @ladysnape @ade1-ccvii @antemore-765

#temperleylondon #alicebytemperley #floralprints #floralprint #flowers #Flowers #lovely #amazing #katemiddleton #louisvuitton #manoloblahnik #pointedpumps #spring2014 #springfashion #stylish #summerfashion #summer2014 #girly #feminine

@polyvore-editorial @polyvore thank you for the clipping tool on the pv app! but I hope that soon we can also clip multiple items and find our items by color I think it would be easier to create sets using the app when that updates happen! I'm so happy and excited every time there is a new feature TY!!!

#temperleylondon #alicebytemperley #floralprints #floralprint #flowers #Flowers #lovely #amazing #katemiddleton #louisvuitton #manoloblahnik #pointedpumps #spring2014 #springfashion #stylish #summerfashion #summer2014 #girly #feminine
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Wrote two years ago
Lovely set!

Wrote two years ago
Divine. incredible style.

Wrote two years ago
Such an amazing set sweetie!!

Wrote two years ago
beautiful dearie!!!



The color theme

The color theme

Welcome to " The color theme "if you love color here the right place for you,and contest in this group will create based on color theme only ,all style of set are welcome.
Fashion,Art,Doll,Home Decor and Beauty.
with love to all colors in the world.
** Edit Group Info[12.09.21]** This group I create Contest for all topic with No Template unless Template contest.
My personal want to see/give the winning to set without Template,creative for each set with different of story and element to used.
*No template unless Template contest
*Seasoning contest no precious set since 1 year ago or older than 1 year.
*Do not submit your set that ever won 1-3 places from this group again for another topic,one set/1 time to win.
*We've contest with Title"Always we have a good time"allowed only set that older than 7 months,or starting since 8 months ago.
*This group not a promote item contest,so that it's non-profit.
Winning sets collection check it out.
Part 1: http://www.polyvore.com/winning_sets_from_color_theme/collection?id=971974
Part 2: http://www.polyvore.com/winning_sets_from_color_theme/collection?id=1016744
Part 3:http://www.polyvore.com/winning_sets_from_color_theme/collection?id=1150640
Part 4:http://www.polyvore.com/winning_sets_from_color_theme/collection?id=1342537
Part 5:

Just Trying to Get Noticed

Just Trying to Get Noticed

Join if you please, I'd greatly appreciate it if you did.
♥ ♥ ♥

The Polyvore Galleries Group

The Polyvore Galleries Group

All sets, fashion, interiors, art, abstract, dolls, fantasy.
The goal of this group is to have someplace to put your sets where they can be seen by many who enjoy all kinds of sets.
There will be collections, some sets will be submitted to collections, such as, fashions collection, art collections, interior, abstracts, vintage etc.
Sets for collections are chosen for unique style or content.
The Polyvore Galleries Group Goal is to enjoy all types of sets, a place for your set to be seen and enjoyed
Founded and moderated by Linda Caricofe
and @the-polyvore-galleries



I continue to be blown away by the talent I see here on Polyvore. I am inspired by ALL of you! I want this group to be a fun place where creativity is welcomed and encouraged.

Fashion and Feelings by Psylocke18

Fashion and Feelings by Psylocke18

This group is open to all talented polyvore members (art, fashion and interior sets welcome) who loves fashion and who are not afraid to express their selves. Please just avoid nudity or swearing or else you will be banned from my group. Thank you all for supporting our group contests :) I am so happy that the average members participating in our contests are over 100! I couldn't have done this without you all! Thanks so much




113 sets from 42 members. Ended two years ago.
It has been a very long Colorado winter and I'm ready for Spring!! Please submit your Spring sets! Spring clothing, make-up, background pics..... whatever says Spring to you!

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