- princess of china by coldplay. 

wowowow, this is really bad. my computer shut down and i sorta just gave up. xD
well, how shall we start this? c:

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Wrote 4 years ago
samantha took a deep breath, swallowing the lump in her throat as emma tightened her hold on her thigh. she looked down at her daughter who looked back up at her. she looked so much like him. she had a bit of blonde in her hair, but you really couldn't see it unless you looked closer or when she was out in the sun a lot. she sighed softly and ran her hand over the top of emma's hair as the little girl offered her a small little smile. she smiled softly down at her before looking back over at him. "um, i've been good. busy, but good." she murmured softly. "what about you?" she asked, her icy blue eyes meeting his that were a darker shade than her own. she would never come out and tell him, but she still bought all of the magazines he was in. sure, it just hurt her even more to see all of his new girlfriends and what not, but she never stopped. she still loved him, even if she had convinced herself that she didn't want to admit it. she had pushed her feelings so far down, that she had made her self believe that she was over him. but in that moment, she knew she wasn't. she never had time for boyfriends. with raising a kid by herself with the help of her parents at time, she never had time for dating. she had tried it once, but once the guy found out she had a one year old, he had called it quits. it was then that she realized that her daughter would come before everyone -- even herself. that was how she had decided to live her life, and that was perfectly fine with her. "oh, this is emma." she said softly with a smile whenever emma tugged on her dress then looked over at him. she watched as emma peaked around her legs and waved at him, a smile identical to samantha's. even though she looked just like caleb, samantha saw herself in emma every single day. she watched as emma slowly made her way over to caleb, holding her hand out for him to shake as she stopped in front of him. "it's nice to meet ya." emma said with her high pitched, adorable voice, a big smile on emma's face as she looked up at caleb. samantha couldn't help but let out a soft laugh, knowing that once she started talking she would never stop. she was actually quite silly and adorable, a handful at time, but weren't all kids? she smiled softly, watching her daughter and him interact. it only made the guilt in her heart and stomach worsen.

Wrote 4 years ago
as the person she had bumped into spoke, samantha felt her heart drop to the bottom of her stomach. this was one of her worst fears, running into him with emma. how was she supposed to explain the small girl who looked so much like him. she knew that if he had ever found out about his daughter, he was hate her. she knew he would. she would be angry with him if she found out he had been hiding a child from her. he had missed so many things whenever it came to emma. her first word, her first time to walk, her first haircut, and more importantly, her birth. he hadn't gotten to hold her or stay up with her in the middle of the night to take care of her. she hated herself from hiding it from him, but then she remembered that he was happy. well, he seemed to be happy. he was successful and doing the things he loved and had always wanted to do. if he would have found out about her pregnancy, she knew he would have never gotten to live the life he had at that moment. "caleb.." she murmured softly, shock written all over her face as her blue eyes widened with fear and shock. she felt her daughter tug on her hair gently, trying to get her attention. "i wanna get down." she heard her whisper softly, only loud enough for samantha to hear. "alright." she whispered back, setting her daughter down on the ground and watching her as she instantly retreated to behind samantha's long, tan legs. if her daughter inherited anything from her, it was her shyness. she was timid and didn't talk in front of strangers, she just watched. it was part of her whole curiousness. but once emma was comfortable around someone, she was a totally different person. she was funny and talkative and just adorable. she made anyone within range just smile. it was one thing she absolutely loved about her daughter. "hey.." she forced out, nervous as she felt emma's small hands on her thighs. emma would always ask about how come she only had a mommy and not a mommy and a daddy like all of the other kids in her daycare class. the question always stumped samantha whenever the little girl asked, making her feel terrible on the inside, but it was a decision she had made to only better both of their lives. of course, whenever she would ask, samantha would always tell her that she did have a daddy, he just didn't live here. and it was true. now they were here, and emma didn't even know that her dad was standing right in front of her.

Wrote 4 years ago
samantha couldn't help but let a small laugh bubble past her baby pink lips as she helped her daughter climb out of the car, helping her to the ground and letting her go once she had her balance. she let the bellhops take their bags before she watched her daughter as one of the greeters at the hotel bent down to her level to place a pink flower lei around her neck. moments like these made being a mom so much better. sure, raising a daughter on her own wasn't a walk in the park. she had known it wouldn't be. with working and going to school still and taking care of the toddler, sometimes samantha wanted to just give up. but the look in emma's eyes made it all worth it. they screamed nothing but excitement and curiosity. moments like these reminded samantha that everything was going to be okay. the tall blonde took hold of her daughter's small hand, dragging her along with her as the little girl went on about princesses like she normally did. the past three years were hard for her. for one, her daughter was a spitting image of her father. she had those big, deep blue eyes identical to his with small flecks of icy blue from her eyes. they were always full of curiosity, watching things and people to figure out how everything worked. she had his dark brown hair that fell in soft ringlets down her back and his tan complexion as well. it hurt to look at her daughter sometimes whenever she looked just like the boy now man she had loved all of those years ago. she had done what she had needed to do, though. he had so much potential, and a child would just hold him back even more. which was why she had decided to just call it off. she knew that if she broke up with him, he would go to hollywood and make it big. and he had. she was sure that he didn't think of her as much as she thought of him. it was hard to see him on the news and tabloids as well, but he really had made her proud. she snapped out of her thoughts as she felt her daughter pull on her floral dress. she sighed softly and picked her up, smiling softly as her tiny little arms locked around her neck and she buried her face in samantha's neck. she made her way over to front desk, telling the man at the front desk her first and last name so they could check her into her room. "once we get our room, we can go down to the pool. how does that sound?" she asked with a smile as her daughter let out an excited giggle, nodding her head and playing with her long, blonde locks. samantha placed a soft kiss against her daughter's forehead before she took her key and turned around, running right into someone who was much taller and stronger than her.

Wrote 4 years ago


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