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Wednesday; Karaoke night at Dean’s Bar and Grille! An old hang out place from back in the day ;) Do you still have what it takes?
The door of the grill opened and a breath of cold hair hit the back of my neck, making me shiver as I glanced over my shoulder, noticing Romeo stepping inside and looking around.
I moved my eyes back to my beer, ignoring him. The only reason why I was there was because I thought he'd never come in a place so full of memories...I guessed I was wrong

Flashback, eight years ago

Romeo took ahold of the microphone as he looked to me, I was sitting at the front table and from the look on his face I could see he was a bit nervous, despite he was hiding it pretty well to the rest of the audience. I looked into his eyes, hoping he'd remember what I had told him a few minutes before as he started his song. The lines went by easily and he was done with his turn and a bright smile appeared on his face when people actually clapped. He was talented and he was meant to sing, I had no doubts about it.
He handed the mic off and moved to sit back down at the small table where I had saved a sit for him.
I smiled at him, "See? I told you. You were great."
"Mmm.. Right again, Ten. What would I do without you to keep me sane?" He leaned in to press a kiss to my cheek.
"Probably fall on your a.ss or something.." I teased, my hand beneath the table giving his knee a squeeze. "And you didn't even need to smoke before either."
"You're right on both. Don't tell anyone I said so." Romeo chuckled, picking up his coke that he had previously spiked with some liquor.
"I'd never ruin your reputation." I smirked, propping one elbow on the table as I set my chin on the palm of my hand, my eyes not leaving his as I watched him take a sip from his glass.
"Good." He said quietly and set the drink down, a wicked grin creeping over his lips. "It'd your turn now."
I blinked innocently, pretending to not get his hint. "For what?" I asked, my brows furrowing at him.
He dropped his hand on mine and squeezed it, "You promised you'd sing if I did."
I bit back a smirk even though I already felt my lips curving into a smile, "I promised just because I wanted you to sing." I said and I was being honest there, I was firmly convinced that Romeo had talent and I did my best to encourage him. I also loved hearing him sing, a thing that didn't happen much ofter when I was around and I didn't get why. He wasn't shy, so I assumed he was afraid I could be too hard with him. We were still young and we were crazy for each other but I already had a determination that most of girls of my age didn't have and if I had to say something harsh to Romeo I didn't make it better just because he was my boyfriend.
"To you?" He asked, grinning wider as his thumb brushed against the palm of my hand.
"We both know you'd never sing to me." I said simply, shrugging my shoulders as I slid my hand from his grasp.
"I want you to like me for more than my talent." Romeo smirked at me, "If you want me to sing for you I would. Karaoke doesn't have to be the excuse."
"Do I look like the type to make excuses?" I arched a brow at him, picking up my glass.
"No... You'd be honest." He told me, knowing me too well to think I could lie.
"Like if you sucked.." I smiled, teasing him.
"As if you were reading my mind.. Did I?" He asked, smiling when I shook my head, "Good to know. I bet you would be great up there too."
"No.. I'll leave that up to you. I sing in the shower.. Sometimes." I shrugged my shoulders with a small smile, meeting his eyes. I was good at writing, singing wasn't my thing. "You can't hold back, Romeo. Especially because of me. You should get out there and be discovered."
"You're my reason for going on.. I want you to think I'm amazing." He grinned, leaning in to give me a kiss. I loved moment like these, when he was so cute and looked almost vulnerable.
I kissed him back, smiling against his lips before pulling back, "You need to find other reasons silly boy."
"Because you want to break up with me?" He asked, biting back a smirk as he grabbed my hand and gave my arm a tug to force me to get up and sit on his lap.
I pursed my lips together, trying to not laugh for how ridiculous that sounded to me. I wasn't necessarily a cheesy naive teenager but I strongly believed in what I had with him and the last thing I wanted was leaving him. "I wanted to wait to tell you...but yes." I grinned, wrapping my arms around his neck.
"Are you sure? You'd never find someone better than me." He said in his usual cocky tone, but I couldn't complain, his confidence was what had attracted me in first place.
"What happened to you wanting me to think you're amazing? Your head is already big enough." I shook my head, letting a sigh escape from my lips.
He ignored the last part of my sentence and snaked one arm around my waist, his eyes looking up at me in a way that made me melt. I was known for being a rebel, but that didn't mean I had no heart. "Do you think I'm amazing?" He asked in a low tone, a smile playing on his lips.
"I do." I admitted and brushed my thumb against his cheekbone, "Are you going to stop singing now?"
"Never.. I might even write a song about you if you're lucky." His smile lingered as Romeo turned his head, pressing a kiss to my palm.
"Mmm.. Very lucky me." I smirked, shaking my head because I didn't want to have a song about me. What if we broke up? I'd listen to it and get sad. "You don't have to.. Aren't your songs all lovey dovey?" I blonde arched a brow, teasing him, "I don't know if I fit that mold of the rockstar girlfriend."
"That's what I like about you, Ten.. You're your own person. You don't care what people think. Beautiful, strong, determined, honest.. So much more. You are a perfect ten."
"Romeo..." I shook my head.
"Baby, it's true." His hand brushed my cheek so I would look at him.
"You sound like you have a crush on me." I bit my lip finally looking at him. I wasn't big on love declarations and he was my first boyfriend so everything was new for me. 
"More than a crush." He said softly, the tone of his voice not matching his usual way of being, I got a part of him that everyone else ignored and I loved that. 
"Are you crazy about me baby?" I asked in a small voice, knowing the answer but wanting to hear it coming from his lips. 
"Uh uhm." He nodded his head, a small smile appearing on his lips as his hand ran down my neck to draw me even closer and press a kiss on my mouth. 
My lips lingered against his as my hands ran down his chest before pulling my head back to look into his gorgeous eyes. "Are you going to school tomorrow?" I questioned, cocking my head to a side. 
He groaned and rolled his eyes, not bothering to hide how the topic irked him as he leaned his back against the chair. "I don't know...maybe." 
I raised one eyebrow, knowing that his maybe was a no, "Are you at least coming to pick me up?"
"You know I'll do that at least." Romeo smiled and I knew he wouldn't disappoint me.
"Romeo.. You really should come more often though. Are you passing your classes?" I asked casually, stirring my ice around with soda by the straw before taking another drink.
"I am.. Mostly? Don't worry. I can make up anything I miss. I already have the best tutor and note taker I know." He winked at me and I wished I could stop helping him with school, I wanted him to succeed in his classes because he used his brain, not because he was lazy and I was too crazy about him to let him fail.
"Mm.. Taking advantage of me again I see..." I rolled my eyes, "Fine.. I'll let you borrow the notes but no tutoring.. We don't get much done at the studying sessions.."
"Besides kissing..." He grinned, his dimples appearing in his cheeks.
My cheeks flushed at the thought of our afternoons together and what usually came after the kissing part, "Right... Besides that."
"That's my favorite part though..." He murmured as he leaned in again, his lips just about to brush mine when a drunk man stumbled into our table and almost knocked it over. Romeo drew me closer in a protective gesture, making me feel safe like only him could. 
His eyes darted to the mic offered to him and back me, like waiting for my answer. "Might as well.." I shrugged, "Your public awaits.."
"I'll do my best..." He told me, leaning in for another kiss as he took the microphone.
"You'll knock them dead again..." I replied, smiling against my lips.
He winked at me and moved for the stage and I wondered if he'd ever be on a real stage, not in one of a some lame bar. I wished it with all my heart.
The rest of the night passed like a blur until I found myself in the backseat of Romeo's vintage Cadillac, with his arms around me and his hands sleeping beneath my shirt as his lips brushed my neck. 
"Ten... I do...care..for you." He barely breathed against my skin.
I smiled, running my hands through his hair and tilted my head to the side to give him more access to my skin, "Do you?" I asked, not because I didn't believe it but because I wanted to hear it again.
"Yes, a lot." He whispered, pressing a trail of kisses down my neck and to my shoulder as he pushed down one sleeve of my loose tee.
I looked down at him, waiting for his gaze to meet mine as I spoke quietly, "If you think I'll let you f.uck me in your car just because you're being super cute-" His hand stopped the flood of words coming out from my mouth. For being a quiet girl I talked too much sometimes.
"No. I mean it." He said in a soft voice that didn't even sound like his own, staring into my eyes before his famous grin reappeared on his lips, "And beside that I don't need to be cheesy to get in your panties."
I widened my eyes and bit his hand gently, my fingers clutching at his hair to give a little tug, "C.ocky much?" I asked, biting back a grin. I was dying to have him but I also wanted whatever we had to be not all about s.ex even if it was hard, considering how sexy and perfect he was.
"Am I wrong?" He smirked, pressing a quick kiss on my lips.
"Yes." I stuck my tongue out at him and recomposed myself, glancing at the watch on my left wrist, "I have to go home..." I trailed off and watched him closely, "Do you want to come?"
"Are your parents out of town?" He asked, raising one eyebrow at me.
I shook my head, biting my lip. "No, but I don't share my room with anyone, so..."
He sighed, running a hand through his hair and glancing at the two floors house from the window of his car, "If your dad found me I'd be a dead man."
"A man wouldn't worry about being caught." I grinned, knowing that teasing him I'd get my way, and I reached out to open the door, sliding out of the car.
"Ten!!!" He breathed out, being careful to not be too loud and wake up the whole neighborhood, as he grabbed my wrist and stopped me.
"What?" I asked, peeking my head inside the car.
He brought my hand to his mouth, pressing a soft kiss on its back as his lips curled into a wide smile, "I'll be upstairs in five minutes." And with that I slid my hand from his gasp, turning towards my home and almost running to my room, with my heart beating at the speed of light and a smile on my face so big that my cheeks almost hurt.

I checked my watch once again, shaking my foot nervously as I downed my half glass of beer. Romeo had stepped into the bar less than fifteen minutes before and it seemed hours to me, despite my efforts to focus on the chubby guy singing on the stage my mind kept going back to old memories, making me hate every second of my night but mostly making me hate myself to not have enough self control to ignore the pink elephant in the room. Which tonight, lucky me, looked really good.
I slid a few bills out of my purse, setting them on the table as I got up and headed to the door, glancing at Romeo from the corner of my eyes. I was a grown up woman and after all those years it was ridiculous acting like a teenage girl on pms, I had never acted like that even when I really was a teenager.
I felt his eyes gluing on my body as I walked in his direction. "Ten." He said quietly and I wondered if he was using that nickname to irks me on purpose of it was just because some habits were hard to kill.
I kept calm, turning my head to him a moment, "Romeo." I glanced at him quickly before almost running out of the bar and just when the fresh air hit me I felt a familiar grip on my wrist.
I jerked my wrist but he had a firm grasp, even still. I rolled my eyes, "What do you want?"
"I want to talk to you, Kristen.." He said quietly, moving closer to me.
"Guess what? I don't want to hear it.. Listen I had my drink and I was even partiality amused by the pathetic excuses of performances that Seattle's drunks deem hysterical. I'm going ho-"
Romeo cut me off when he put up his hand, his eyes darting to mine. "Stop, Ten... You keep acting like we're strangers. As if there was never...us."
"Kristen.." I stressed, ignoring the part he was right about. "No one calls me that anymore. Not even you can." I jerked on my wrist again to finally free it, "The past should remain where it is.. No use digging it up."
"But Kristen.. We're both back in town at the same time and running into each other. Maybe it means something." He tried, running his now empty hand over the back of his neck.
"You're starting to believe too much in those songs you write, Romeo.. There is no such thing as Serendipity.." My tone harsh and my eyes damp as I thought of when I really believed that we could be together no matter what.
He looked away. "At least you know what it is, Kris.. Even if you don't believe in the notion yet."
"And?" I asked, raising one eyebrow as I waited for him to add more.
His eyes met mine again and he crossed his arms against his chest, "Doesn't make you sad?" He asked, going straight to the point.
I parted my lips and closed them again, taking aback by his words. "It would if I knew that there's still something between us...but it's not." I said finally and my heart ached a little, I had put so much energy in what we had that everytime I thought of how everything had ended in one day I couldn't help feeling...yes, maybe a bit sad.
"Are you sure?" His eyes bored into mine, the tone of his voice so calm it almost sounded unreal.
"Yes." I nodded my head and swallowed, noticing his expression change, "We were so young and naive...we're not those anymore, we changed and I'm sure that if we sat at a table and started talking you'd barely recognize me."
"Then let's do that." He shrugged and I hoped he was joking...but he wasn't.
"No." I said firmly.
"If you're so sure to be right I don't see how a few hours with me can change your mind." He reasoned and smirked, that a.sshole always knew how to get his way.
I let out a laugh and shook my head, "I don't need to prove myself."
"Dinner?" He asked, cocking his head to the side and ignoring me.
"Romeo, no." I said, glaring at him.
"Lunch?" He tried again, taking a step closer to me.
I snorted and flipped my hair back with one hand, I felt like trapped in a nightmare and I knew he wouldn't give up. "I'll give you the time for a coffee." I said eventually, regretting my words as they left my mouth.
"Deal." He nodded his head as he shot me a smug grin.
"Don't expect me to talk." I pursed my lips together and brushed past him, heading to my car and not bothering to look back at him.
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