One Direction Academy Characters

The IT Group;;
Harry Styles
Liam Payne
Louis Tomlinson
Zayn Malik
Niall Horan
Taylor Berkley
Andrea Bradford
Paris Forbes
Kelly Davis
Abigail Jones
Louis Tomlinson
Caroline Russel

Taken Characters;;
Andrea Bradford
Eleanor Brookes
Niall Horan
Liam Payne
Donovian Blair
Heather Edwards
Kelly Davis
Harry Styles
Zayn Malik
Aubrey Baker
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  • Kimmy Hays
    "♦ Eleanor Brookes ` The New Girl ` ♦ Eleanor is a transfer student from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire England. Eleanor is from a rich family, but she would never brag about it and doesn't think much of it. Will she rise to the top or fall to the bottom...?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Young Hollywood
    "♦ Nina Richmond ` The Confident One ` ♦ Nina is one of the popular girls, but she doesn't think she is. She might even be as popular as Taylor, but she would never admit it. She used to be friends with Taylor...what happened?" — believeinbeautyx
  • eleanor calder | Tumblr
    "♦ Abigail Jones ` The Sweet One ` ♦ Abigail is one of the sweetest people you would ever meet, she would never do anything to hurt anyone on purpose. She's really close to Nina...but will Nina's confidence get in the way?" — believeinbeautyx
  • ashley benson | Tumblr
    "♦ Kelly Davis ` The Quiet, but Gorgeous One ` ♦ Kelly is the quiet one who doesn't speak to many people besides her friends. Will she finally find her voice...?" — believeinbeautyx
  • This Is What Taylor Swift Looks Like When She Straightens Her Hair
    "♦ Taylor Berkley ` Miss Popular ` ♦ Taylor is easily the meanest, most popular girl in school. She dates the hottest guys and has never had a boyfriend for more than a month. She isn't very nice to even her friends. Will she change her ways...?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Beauty Fashion
    "♦ Andrea Bradford ` The Perfectionist ` ♦ Andrea is one of Taylor's best friends and one of the most popular girls in school. She is nice to everyone, but tends to speak her mind. She is always with her group, will she ever be friends with other people?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Sandra Kubicka
    "♦ Paris Forbes ` The Dumb Brunette ` ♦ Chloe is best friends with Taylor and Andrea, and is not their smartest or nicest friend. She has a crush on Liam, and clearly shows it. But, does he like her back...?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Jasmine Villegas Pictures Photos
    "♦ Audrey Panabaker ` The Slut ` ♦ Audrey is the sluttiest girl in school, she has been with so many guys she lost count. She hasn't slept with many of these guys yet, but has her eyes set on one. Will she pull up her low-cut shirt and change her ways?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Beautiful girl Madison Morgan
    "♦ Aubrey Baker ` One Of The A-Team ` ♦ Another one of the sluttiest girls in school. The guys call her and Audrey the A-Team because their names both start with an A, and their both sluts and best friends. She's actually really nice...will she change?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Tumblr
    "♦ Caroline Russel ` The Shy One ` ♦ Caroline is beautiful, but shy which keeps her from being popular. She has the money and the looks, she's just shy. She is usually hanging out with Anna, but their so different...will their personalities clash?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Hairstyles
    "♦ Anna Robertson ` The Outgoing One ` ♦ Anna is beautiful, outgoing, and has the perfect popular attitude. One problem? Taylor. They hate each other because of an event that happened a last year...will Anna rise to her potential?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Portfolio | Iona M.
    "♦ Lauren King ` The Model ` ♦ Lauren is a model, which makes all the girls jealous. Think she has it perfect, being rich too? No, quite the contrary actually. Girls envy her beauty and are mean to her, making her insecure. Will she overcome insecurity?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Shailene Woodley Image 177 of 716
    "♦ Brooke Portman ` The Photographer ` ♦ Brooke takes the best pictures in school and has the one of the top Instagram accounts. She wants to be a professional photographer...but doesn't have confidence in her photography. Will that change?" — believeinbeautyx
  • maintain internal heights
    "♦ Elizabeth Rolfe ` The Problematic One ` ♦ Elizabeth has had a hard life, her dad died, her mother is an alcoholic, she cuts, and has anorexia. On the outside? She is fine and always smiling...will her outer shell crack?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Need to Meet Isabelle Fuhrman
    "♦ Isabella Mayfield ` The Fashionable One ` ♦ Isabella has the best clothes in school, always making sure her outfits are perfect no matter what the price is. She knows she has the best clothes and is mean to everyone about anything. Will ever be nice?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Acacia Clark
    "♦ Lucy Clark ` The Funny One ` ♦ Lucy is the funny, immature girl that every school has. She frowns upon bad words and is nice to everyone, will she ever be more mature?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Pin Acacia Clark Beautiful Callmegiraffe Girl Pink Inspiring Picture on Pinterest
    "♦ Katherine Clark ` The Mature One ` ♦ Katherine is the complete opposite of her sister Lucy, and can't stand her. Katherine is smart and mature and is always worrying about her grades...will she ever stop being uptight?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Pretty Little Liars Get to Know Shay Mitchell
    "♦ Sarah Campbell ` The Model ` ♦ Sarah is beautiful, a model, and popular. What's wrong you may ask? She is bulimic, because she is always being pressured to be thin. Will she get over her disorder?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Beautiful Models
    "♦ Amber Marshall ` The Dumb Blonde ` ♦ Amber isn't the smartest knife in the drawer, but she is the nicest. She is ditsy, spunky, and fashionable. One of her best friends is Paris, but Andrea can't stand her.Will she ever be able to hang out with Paris?" — believeinbeautyx
  • amazing, beautiful, brunet, eyebrows
    "♦ Heather Edwards ` The Listener ` ♦ Heather is the perfect best friend, loyal and a good listener. She gives the best advice and is always there for her friends...did something happen to make her so good at giving advice?" — believeinbeautyx
  • St. Goldman's Performing Arts Academy
    "♦ Blake Robb ` The Jock ` ♦ Blake is very popular. He's not as popular as the IT group, but he is pretty close. He is athletic and hot, nice, funny, but can be really mean. Why? You have to find that out for yourself." — believeinbeautyx
    "♦ Liam Payne ` The Responsible One ` ♦ Liam is the guy who is perfect in front of adults, then when he's away from adults, he's just as bad as his friends. He is funny and nice, but bad. He knows it's better to be nice...then why be mean?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Mitch Hewer - Fotolog
    "♦ Zach Rich ` The Gamer ` ♦ Zach is hot, funny, and nice. He just has one flaw, he loves to play games. X-box, wii, you name it. Will he get over his game obsession?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Male Model Mayhem: John Turner
    "♦ Donovian Blair ` The Player ` ♦ Donovian is the biggest player in school besides Harry. He has his eyes set on Audrey next, and he is going to get her one way or another. He did something to one of the girls...why did he do it and does he regret it?" — believeinbeautyx
  • boys boys boys
    "♦ Ty Fleming ` The Shy One ` ♦ Ty is the guy that sits in the back of the class, but is really nice once you get to know him. He always wears a lot of bracelets on his wrists...because he has scars from cutting. Will he tell anyone?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Kevin G. Schmidt - IMDb
    "♦ Kendall Rock ` The Athletic One ` ♦ Kendall is the guy who plays every single sport there is out there and excels in them all. You will always finding him talking about sports...too much maybe?" — believeinbeautyx
  • One Direction’s Zayn Malik victim of religious attack
    "♦ Zayn Malik ` The Bradford Bad Boy ` ♦ Zayn is your typical bad boy, wears black, cusses a lot, and is really quiet. Most girls like him because of this, but he never likes any of them back. Why? Because of his mom abused him. Will he tell anyone?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Tumblr's One Direction Updates
    "♦ Harry Styles ` The Player ` ♦ Harry is the guy every girl wants. The most popular and hottest guy in school which helps him date all the girls. He is always hooking up with different girls...will he ever settle down with one girl?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Louis Tomlinson 5cm x 3.5cm Keyring
    "♦ Louis Tomlinson ` The Sassy One ` ♦ Most people think Louis is gay because of his voice and bromance with Harry, but in reality he is dating Abigail. He really likes her, but hates the hate his love gets. Will it break the loving perfect couple up?" — believeinbeautyx
  • sam way | Tumblr
    "♦ Jake Freeman ` The Athletic One ` ♦ Jake is a player and an athlete, and good at both. He is mean and rude to everyone, but can be charming when he wants to be. He can be really sweet when he wants to be, but this is never seen of him...why?" — believeinbeautyx
  • Niall Horan Picture 31
    "♦ Niall Horan ` The Irish One ` ♦ Niall is hot, funny, nice, and has an adorable Irish accent, different from everyone else. But he thinks he is the least-liked in the band is very insecure, especially around the girl he likes. Will he get over it?" — believeinbeautyx

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