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  • Happy Birthday Liam Payne!
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  • Liam’s OMG
    We see London, we see France, but where are Liam’s underpants?! Although the 1D singer was not in London or France, he was in Australia and did lose his underpants! The 1D singer took it to twitter to share his weird and boxer-less day! So how this happened... I went in the sea in those hotel staff put them outside to dry sum1 climbed on and stole them just to set the scene — Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) October 7, 2013 Liam woke up in the land down under to find someone breaking into his hotel balcony door. If things weren’t already weird enough, the super star’s boxers were nowhere to be found! Hmmm somebody stole my boxers I'm so embarrassed — Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) October 7, 2013 Um, talk about awkward! We're embarrassed and it didn't even happen to us! What do you think about Liam's strange day in the land down under? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!
  • Liam Payne’s Super Cute Twitter Pic!
    One Direction singer Liam Payne is so cute. The 1D hottie tweeted the selfie pic while he was stuck in traffic! Bored as... Stuck in traffic, am I everrr gunnaaaa get thereeee…— Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne) March 5, 2013 Aw we love Liam! Which of the 1D singers do YOU think takes the best photos? Do you love it when celebrities tweet their selfies? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!
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