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One Direction New Stories Contest! :)

hello! I'm going to start some new stories and I reallt want to incorrperate all of you! So I've decided tomake this contest! What I need from you is ideas! I want you to submit a summary of a story you would like me to write. These will be written in script forma nd posted to Wattpad along with a set with the link! You can even make yourself the main character I just need to know some personality traits and physical apperance as well. Please, please, please submit these through sets into this group and tags me! The Closing date will December 14th of 2012 of course. Ir I don't get enough information I'll let you know so you can still get your story written. Please only submit One Direction ideas because I have never dealt with any others. I guess if you really wanted another one and the idea is great I can change that though.
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