So happy finally Jaejoong releases his solo album
Mine MV:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYgTJ9D4Rgg
One Kiss[Eng+Romanized]:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsD6k9SRIIA

Based on my opinion
why Jae oppa just releases his solo,he is the best vocal and talented such a precious..

About Mine MV,I like song,beat as well but I can't say that I love MV after i found snakes i skip it and started to re-watch again,I like vampire story finally JJ portrait himself as a vampire,sure not just me who picture JJ must play a vampire role [Vampire knight plssss]..

One Kiss,I love this song so much sth new was happened to K-pop sound,beat,style combined with his angelic voice everything is so perfect.
and different from general k-pop coz was influenced by rock,ballad and pop we can hear rock dominance in his songs that was i called it something new.

By far,JJ Mine is the best among comeback of this month not just i like him so much,he deserved to be the best by his work hard and I really hope 2013 Korean channel give JYJ a chance to lets them show up on live show/variety show just like other idol can do..
I don't want to say sth bad to SM but pls play fair.

Plus,this not related to his Mine album,I've found his rumor about will play for upcoming Autumn'2013 Japanese drama[*Japan set up series based on season like spring,summer,autumn,winter] not sure since this rumor spread around since last year,and i hope so he'll accept and be the first one to be lead actor.
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