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Obsessions {this song explains Clara & Jeremy's relationship} 

TJA | CLARA | Monday, September 17
The Jive, surprisingly, is hosting a celebration for our country's brave members of the military with a military date and art auction. Now's your chance to win yourself a night with a dashing man-in-uniform or maybe just a lovely painting from one of our local artists, like the illusive 'Harry Lockhart' (Talulah Cross). Also, enjoy some half-priced alcoholic beverages a la whiskey and bourbon.

- - any inclusions/collabs?

[I'm going to include Josephine King, @tania-l since there hasn't been much communication between any mobster relatives lately!!]

Today could be different, maybe it will turn out better, without Jeremy though..

I was out for some bakery treats when a voice interrupted my last step into the location.

"Clara, darling, it's been so long! Mind if I eat with you?" it was...her..Josie King..

"Uhm, uh, yeah, sure, Id love to have a chat!" I lied...that woman scared the living out of me, I had a bad feeling every time I was near her. The last time we talked was quite interesting..


I was practicing 20 minutes before my next golfing tournament when Jeremy surprised me with a box of jewels and precious treats. 

"Are these for me?!" I gasped with such love filled in my smile, it was difficult not to kiss him

"For the most talented doll, which is otherwise known as Clara Brighton" Jeremy set the gifts down and carried me in his arms

We sat down in the audience's seats which were exclusively reserved. A few people started coming in, I knew it was almost time to start my game, it was time to win. 

Josephine walked towards us with a bottle of champagne in hand. I assumed she was drunk, but with this bad girl, you can never tell..

"Josie, where have you been?" 

"Oh shut it, you're worse than my brother!" 

I cautiously took the bottle from her hands and gave her a cup of tea which was set down for the judges, an other exclusive game setup. 

"I think I should go now!" I hugged Jeremy goodbye, and took Josie by the arm

We walked t the bathroom where the mob princess was ready to release her Royal vomit. 

I helped her out, trying not to pay attention to her sounds. especially her scents.

"Josie, I have to go, drink some water, trust me! it'll go away" I patted her on the shoulder and quickly walked out to my favorite golf course

Daddy walked up to me with a cautious facial expression. "Is that who I think it was?" he looked half concerned and half relieved. 

"If 'who' means Josie, then yes..she's had a champagne overdose..who knows where she stole that from.."

"You mean, who she shot, and stole from..." father and I laughed a little quieter than usual, aware that the Moratti's would probably be here as well as the King siblings.

"Have you seen Jeremy? I want to see him before I start.." 

Father signaled behind us...of course, the front row, where he could get a perfect view of the course, and myself.

I walked up to him and poked his dimply face. 

"You were gone for so long..Clara, I missed you..I might have to put a leash on you and watch your every move!" I giggled and kissed his cheek. I started to love Jeremy, and it hurt to recognize I started this for money..

/ Golfers! Meet at the main entrance /

"Oh, darn! I have to go!" I hugged him and ran to meet up with my fellow sportsmen
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