my friend made these questions,i hope you like it.
I would love to see your answers!
1. Black or white? Black 
2. Fancy or casual? Fancy lol xD
3. Books or films? Books are my favorite
4. East or west? West
5. Horror or Comedy? Comedy hahaha
6. Heels or flats? High Heels
7. Summer or winter? OMG Summer of course !
8. Italian or American food? None >..< 
12. Pop or rock? I don't know ...
13.Rome or New York? New York city 
14.Fashon or art? I think fashion IS art 
15. Sunglasses or hats? Sunglasses more 
16. Coffee or tea? Tea
17. Zara or H&M? Both are superb
18. Chocolate or vanilla? Both xD
19. Salted or sweetly? Sweet
20. Lipgloss or lipstick?Lipstick
21. Romantic or realist? Don't know
22. Light or dark? Both
23. Curly or straight hair? Straight
24. Club or cinema?Cinema
25. Volleyball or basketball? Volleyball :)
26. Sun or rain? Sun :D

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