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{insert name here} was always insecure and never trusted any guy . Partly because she has gotten her heart broken. She was also very quiet and always listened to her parents, but one night she decided to go out with friends apparently one of her friends was friends with { band member} she meets him and they spend the whole night dancing and having fun he brought out the best in her . He told her he would take her on tour with him this summer . Will she go or fall back into her insecureness ?

' Eleanor stood outside of the club with a few of her friends, she stood with them as they were waiting for a few more people to show up before they went inside. All of her friends were in a conversation laughing and joking around as she just listened not bothering to get too involved int he conversation but she did happen to laugh and smile at a few things she found to be funny. Her hair was curly and resting on her shoulders and down her back and she kept her arms loosely crossed and one leg was over the other as she listened to everyone and stood. She was wondering how this would all go she hoped it wouldnt be a complete disaster she wasnt out in forever, she hadnt been to a club or a party in so long, she used to go all the time but after everything shes been going through she really didnt feel like getting all dressed up. The reason she was here was because her friend begged her to come out for once and go to the club so she picked her out an outfit as much as she didnt wear it was she was forced and dragged out.

(sorry its horrible I rushed)

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Louis smiled lightly as he continued to tap his fingers on the table. He ignored the obviously drunken girl and the boys that were flirting up a storm on the other end of the booth.

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Eleanor smiled as she just sat there with him in the silence as she waiting for him to say something as she figured he would. She smiled and nodded, "Its nice to meet you Im Eleanor.." she said. The silence was a bit awkward but she figured it was just because of her she had a way of making things awkward and she was sometimes that way around guys, she hoped it wasnt too weird for him.
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Louis smiled as he watched the cute brunette trying to find a good conversation starter but he failed. He sat there in awkward silence as he alway did but he tried to keep up conversation. "I'm Louis.." He looked up at her with a smile.
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Eleanor had her hands down in her lap she wasnt as outgoing as veronica was and she was pretty sure everyone was able to see that already. She heard a few laughs come from the blondes mouth as well as a few jokes. She heard someone talk to her as she turned her head over looking to the brunette who had left but made his way back soon. She smiled to him softly, "Hello.."

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