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~Heartbeats, The Knife {current fave song! check it out if you haven't....}

I just really love my life and want everyone who is currently in it to be in it for a long time and not leave/move away/etc. 

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Night is 
A blanket
Inviting, wrapped around me
Vastness that attracts the deepest parts of me
Such a dark thing can offer solace 

Empty, quiet, free
Time stands still,
Life pauses 
Nothing is all there is

Stale breeze
Clear sky
Enveloped in a coma of
A false sense of security
Night is but a fleeting thing
In the moment it seems to last 
For ages 

 Hands on the clock,
Tick tick tock
The sky is smaller than I ever imagined
Bigger than I could ever have dreamt of

 Nothing but a fire, an ember
A dancing flash of light
Shot up at the canopy of trees
Light can see faces,
Distinguish shapes
A flicker is all that is left
A dying thing struggling to keep burning

 Momentary eternity
Seems like forever
The lights go out,
A thick blindness takes over me
Heavy eyelids, relax
Pushed over the edge into a deep, deep sleep
Only the night knows my worries

Blackness, velvety, starry, speckled
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