if one person says they're completely and utterly confused, then how does one person know of all my secrets?

✧ full name : Charlotte Sara Avril Castle
✧ pronunciation : /char/lot/ sayer ave- rall/ castelle /not "castle"; cast-elle/
✧ nickname(s) : charlie/ most likely avril.
✧ age : 15
✧ grade : junior
- - - -
✧ nationality : icelandic │ english
✧ hometown : bronx, new york, with the population of around 1,381, 900 people.
✧ family : charlotte's father was a real new yorker (robert downey jr.) who lived in brooklyn, new york. charlotte's mother was a proud citizen of fludir, iceland and lives there now, divorced with charlotte's father, as a sous chef. she specializes in the plentiful crops of mushrooms at the restaurant she works at. now, we have to go back in time... charlotte's mother was working at an old department store as the head sewing mistress in a village not far from her mother's hometown, fludir. a longtime customer came in one day wearing an amazing pair of pants that made him look less of a bad boy then he really was. he asked the manager if he could see and compliment the woman who had sewed up his clothes. the manager proudly introduced this tattooed, strange- looking young man to svana castle, who timidly and not so interestedly greeted james arthur pollis. james fancied this svana, a red-headed, beautiful soft blue eyed young girl more than heavy metal & the electric guitar. svana really didn't like james. he looked odd, tattoos scribbled all on his slightly fine face "and those exotic blue eyes are rather too wide for me." it took james many a visit to this shop to impress svana. "i'm here because i'm looking for a job as a lawyer. i've finished my medicine elementary and high education and am now going on to law & order university here in fludir." but really, he was traveling almost half of the world (he really had finished college; svana was 17 and a half, james was 23) on a bet-dare to see who would get the most girls to come home with him in a short period of time, and james fell in love with this svana. once they had went out and became extremely, most uncommonly close to each other, svana (very reluctantly) agreed to go home with him the night of her graduation, and you all know what happens when a boy and girl combine at one another's house. svana called james two months later, breathlessly announcing that she was pregnant. nobody but james and perhaps god had known that she even was pregnant. then on september nineteen, a few seven months later (avril was late) a baby girl with the most odd curled lip and beautiful brunette hair emerged from the womb.
- - - -
✧ short biography : charlotte sara avril castle, or avril as many like to call her, was born on september nineteen. when she was a bit older, perhaps three, she had a special spark to her. she could read better than most other kids, or perhaps, she could read at all. she was feisty and faithful, and had two friends who she always stuck most remarkably close to. in fact, so close, they pricked their fingers, touched them together and shared their blood so they would be blood-sisters. but that's all over now, so over that i do believe avril does not have one contact account where they aren't blocked, reported as spam or otherwise deleted from her friends profile. avril is no longer "bbffs(blood best friends forever)" with them---tiara and pristine. they are now the most jealous, annoying, most positively bxxchy girls she's EVER met! and why? well, why didn't you just ask me?

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✧ anything extra? : short biography slightly based on the book thirteen by lauren myracle. her favorite bands are foo fighters, deer tick, metallica, green day, the beatles. her favorite singers are: jack white, avril lavigne, eric turner, lana del rey, ashlee simpson. her favorite possesions are her iphone 5 mustache case, album collection of the beatles, old cigar pack, and iphone five. she also loves korean & japanese art. stuff like miss a, sistar19, bora and hyuna etc.,,
✧ sample roleplay :
avriℓ castℓe I polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2497925
(insert clique) if one person says they're compℓeteℓy and utterℓy confused, then how does one person know aℓℓ of my secrets?
&- i glanced around the room momentarily before jerking up. i made a momentary checklist in her head. beatles, iphone, born to die, tee shirts, jeans, skirts, three dresses... i'll have to buy more. i flick a strand of claret red substantial hair out of my face and look askance as if glaring maliciously. my mouse. crimson. crimson is my mouse-- i got her when i was five. she's really old now, and whenever she eats, it looks as though she blushes crimson red, which is why her name is crimson. i peck her by her teensy paw and hold her up to the light. she was definitely preggers. her flurry sallow fur was growing little grey hairs, and although her ass was quite immense, so was her proclivity. i snicker. the accustomed rap of blasé salutations echoed in my small apartment room. it was like a tenement, except with cleaner standards. and it wasn't like i didn't have a kitchen or bathroom. this WAS only my bedroom. but i knew the knock was only dad though, even if he lived in apartment 210, and i lived in apartment 209.
"alright avie, it's time for you to go on to the taxi. you know those bronx people- were never prone to waiting." i sigh heavily. i loved dad but he was boring. he never spent time with me, which is actually quite fine with me, but he's so... distant and weird. it's as if he's my old therapist. i blow an annoying strand of un-dyed flaxen lock out of my eyes and retort with a brusque, nonchalant tenor of,
"got it dad. great what relatives like you can tell me." i could SEE the car, did he think i was stupid? god, dads are so freaking underestimating. i lay crimson in her cage after she begins to squeak from being in the lurid sheen for too long. "alright crimson... off we are to the taxi- then the train- then the airport, and then san clemente, california, for the perhaps worst summer of my life. *crimson gave a tittering squeak* hay! you too if you misbehave." i glare at her and she seems to glare back. then i can't help laughing and close crimson's cage. i hug my dad fleetingly and hurry off outside down the steps, waving to my sweet junior- high neighbor, clementine as people call her. goodbye bronx... goodbye, the little pieces of life i have.

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✧ personality : well, i do realize that avril is quite the rebel. her father never quite paid attention to her, he was a rebel too-- perhaps he still is. but avril lives with a father who smokes, drinks, jokes around and is found often at raucous nightclubs. of course he is not an abusive father. he only gets drunk at least two times a month, but not extremely high. but of course, avril's father's personality is sure to rub off on her. yes, yes, now that i think about it, avril is a bad girl! she has in fact carjacked numerous cars in order to drive off to parties that she wasn't invited to but likes to crash with her clique {not her friends, her cliques} just for the fun & title of it. avril is a little indie, rock n roll, rebellious teenager. she smokes, but just barely enough so that her nails turn yellow or any of those nasty side effects. she isn't a druggie, she believes that to be left to the dumb ones. avril is a loner, not absolutely a turn-off or just always alone, but she likes to stay alone in her dorm unless of course, something big & wild & rebellious sounding is occurring-- or at least something that she'll make rebellious, big and wild. so to sum it up, the words that i would put in personality if it weren't for the fact that i like quite lengthy personalities, i'd put: rebellious, wild, loner, indie, uses common sense--- occasionally, unique, sparkly but not in a flaunty way.
✧ invite only clique preference : elite
✧ non-invite clique preference : york
✧ desire to be an alpha? : [ yes ]
✧ if yes, then why do you deserve such an honor? : i strongly believe, elite or york that avril should be an alpha because i put in a weeks' effort of this enrollment. i had to think numerous amounts of who my character might be, and although i heard of the restart on only 4/26/13, i still was thinking of a character to make for any new clubs, and i believe that avril is a strong potiental for cgh. plus, you guise is my family, how could i NOT hear of a new enrollment? xD. and like i said, avril has a unique spark to her that i do not believe i've seen in most cgh charries. of course, all charries in cgh have different personalities, but who doesn't use propaganda in their role-play enrollments?
- - - -
✧ activeness : [ 8 / 10 ] i chose eight out of the significant ten because my report cards are coming up once again, i have plenty of work to do during the mutinous school period and my band's prom is coming up... don't ask about it lawl. but, if avril does succeed, meaning becomes an alpha or a character in which i am delightfully pleased with, then i will perhaps try to bump my activeness up to ten! :)

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because they lied. they cheated, those foul-mouths. they all swore in unison, "i promise that i (they inserted their names) will share this blood and never, EVER leave my friend's side, because they leave me with immortal chunks of my life." and then one noteworthy fall, they broke their promise. tiara and pristine grew out their split-ended, bob hair and made it all silky and, oh-the-irony-, pristine. they tore off their baseball caps and exchanged them for bows and scrunchies. they exchanged their crackly, positively imperfect voices for seductive, deep voices (well, avril did sort of change her voice for a seductive, deep one, unless puberty is quite surreal. and she also sort of got rid of her split ends and exchanged her bob hair to long, emo-ish hair) and changed their impossible-for-anyone-else-but-theirs niceness for extreme cruelty. now this may not seem very, absolutely cruel if it was a not well-known acquaintance who wasn't very nice, but so cruel and in justified that they spilt coffee and smoothies very movie-like over her head and favorite outfit. and whispered about her in corridors, calling her names that i would never be able to utter out of my mouth of someone. and they said the same horrible, just nasty lines to her face. and what would she have to hear every day from those two girls? "you're a freak, castle. an emo, weird, son-of-the-devil (she has black hair and nose-rings but how are you going to sound?) freak. oh don't cry. nobody wants to smell that horrible corpsey stench! oh please, we shared blood? who would share blood with you? if you were in harry potter you'd be a definite mud-blood... and that girl bellatrix who looks a hell of a lot like you would have surely cut off your neck and see dirt and what is it? oh yeah, multiple positive std labels. *laugh*"
✧ secret(s) : her mother and father divorced because her mother, after so many years found out about the bet, and she became livid- so angry, so angry just as avril was with tiara and pristine. her mother never gave the smallest amount amount of time for james to talk to her and tell her that it was foolish and that he really was in love, and her mother never gave a damn the slightest way anyways.
- - - -
✧ appearance : avril was born with brunette hair, delectably coiled and not very succulent, but effervescent as a moon bean. that one fall when tiara and pristine turned on her, she had dyed it multiple times. it would be a valentine cherry, then a malicious black and all sorts. she was born with reddish-brown eyebrows, like a typical stain, and she then dyed them a most pitch-black-- black! her eyes are a soft, sort of doe like auburn, most people think them to be black still. she wears a 34 B, a soft-cup bought from the flea market or thrift shop. of course, she wears expensive clothes, but only occasionally, because there's still that malevolent time when a bxxch wishes to pour coffee or champagne all over your expensive clothes. she doesn't need to flaunt herself, why would she? she believes that swaggering around in dumb, luxurious clothes is a waste of your closet. but anyways. she has a figure, but she does not know it or at least, she doesn't like pervert boys staring at her. her waist is actually exceedingly dicey curvilinear and has an awful lot of slimness, but pulling it off to match any dress shape. and that's all anyone really needs to know about her appearance, unless of course she doesn't arrive and nobody sees her complexion & structure & anything else you desire to see...


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