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Nervously you grabbed Zayn’s hand. You told him over fifty times that you didn’t want to go, but he said you should. Now here you were; standing at the front door of your parent’s house. You had your free hand on your stomach, caring. It was a few days ago that you found out you were pregnant.


After you noticed you were over time more than six days, you started to wonder. Emma, your best friend, bought you a pregnancy test. First you laughed at her but then realised she could be right. Hadn’t Zayn and you been careful enough? You did the test as Enma waited in the living room. You held your breath and stared at the screen until a green plus appeared. You gasped. ‘What does it say?!’ Emma yelled and ran in. You looked at her, shocked. ‘I’m pregnant.’ You mumbled. You didn’t know what to think. Were you supposed to be happy? Sad? How could you be sad? There was a little wonder growing inside of you, and it was Zayn’s child, your child. You was scared about what Zayn would say. ‘Honey I’m home!’ You heard Zayn shout excitedly. You stared at Emma. ‘Tell him.’ She whispered and gave me a hug before leaving the room. ‘Bye Zayn.’ You heard her voice in the corridor. ‘Ohw hey! Bye Emma!’ Zayn said jolly. You stared at the green plus. How were you going to tell this to Zayn. ‘Babe? Where are you?’ Zayn shouted. ‘I’m here.’ You sighed. You heard footsteps and saw him coming through the door. ‘Why are you sitting on the floor babe?’ He asked confused. You bid your lip and stared into his eyes. He realised right away that something was going on. You held up the little device so Zayn could see the shining green plus. His jaw dropped, he fell silent. You stared at your feet. ‘Oh my god, You’re pregnant….’ He mumbled. You nodded slowly. He walked over to you and helped you up. To your biggest surprise he smiled at you. ‘I know this wasn’t planned but- maybe it was meant to be.’ He whispered. You stared into his eyes. ‘I promise you I will be the best father I can possibly be. Because I know you’ll be the perfect mother.’ He smiled. You smiled and hugged Liam. He bended through his knees, lifted up your shirt and stared at your stomach. He stroked your stomach softly and pressed a light kiss on your skin. ‘Hey little one. It’s me; daddy.’ He whispered. You couldn’t help but smile, hearing Zayn talk like this. He stood up again and pressed his lips against yours. Five minutes later he phoned his mother, excitedly telling her about him becoming a father. You stared at my phone. Your parents would kill you if they would find out ..


Zayn rang the doorbell. You had never been so nervous in your whole life. The door opened; You saw your mother smiling. 'Manon! Zayn! Come in!’ She smiled. You and Zayn followed her inside. ‘You’ll be fine.’ Zayn whispered in your ear. You sat down on the couch with Zayn opposite of your father. He put away his newspaper and stared at you, than looked at Zayn. He never really liked Zayn, just because he was in a boy band and your father found he was just a boy, no man. Your mother gave you all a cup of coffee and sat down next to your father. ‘So- what’s been going on?’ Your mother smiled. You bid your lip. ‘We- uhrm- We-’ You mumbled, not being able to put the words over your lips. Zayn grabbed your hand and stroked it tightly. ‘We have to tell you something.’ He spoke clearly. ‘We’re- We’re pregnant.’ You whispered. Your mother gasped as your father’s eyes shot straight up. ‘You are what?!’ He asked angry. Zayn put his arm around you and pulled you a bit closer. ‘We didn’t plan for it to happen but- we’re keeping it.’ You said, your voice trembling. Your father looked at Zayn; angry. ‘This is your fault! I knew you weren’t good for her!’ He yelled. Zayn just stared at him, not saying anything. ‘Honey. Calm down.’ Your mother whispered. ‘No! I’m not calming down! He knocked up my little girl! You’re not going to keep it Manon!’ Your father shouted. ‘You can’t just tell me to take our child away!’ You yelled. ‘It’s not your child. It’s nobody’s child!’ He now looked to Zayn. ‘This is all your fault! You are going to walk through that door right now! And you won’t be coming back!’ Your father yelled at Zayn and walked over to him. Zayn stood up and looked into your father’s eyes. ‘I’m not leaving Manon! Ever! And you can’t take our child away.’ He said, sounding extremely calm to me. Your father grabbed Zayn by his shirt and pulled him closer. ‘Let go now.’ Your mother said to my father, sounding furious. ‘Leave- now.’ Your father hissed to Zayn. ‘If he leaves- I’ll be going with him and you won’t be seeing me back.’ You said firmly. Your father stared at you, shocked. ‘Sir. I’m going to stay with her. I’m going to be the father of her child. And one day I’m going to marry her- With or without your blessing.’ Zayn said firmly and shook himself out of your father’s hands. ‘I will not let you hurt my daughter.’ He hissed. ‘Well- It seems like you’re the one that’s hurting her right now!’ Zayn yelled and pointed at you. You stared at your father, tears burning in your eyes. Your father burst out the door and soon you heard the car engine start up, and heard him drive away. Your mother stood up and walked over to you. ‘He’ll come around.’ She whispered. Zayn was still breathing heavily, you looked at him; worried. ‘I’m happy for you honey. You’ll be a good mother.’ Your mother whispered and kissed your forehead. You smiled softly. She now turned to Zayn. ‘I trust you Zayn. Take good care of her.’ She said and pulled him into a hug. You smiled as you saw Zayn’s shocked face. ‘I will ‘mam. I’ll take care of her, of both of them…’ He whispered.

8 months later…..

You gasped for air and tried to steady your breathing. The sound of a crying baby filled the room. Besides you was Zayn, holding your hand. His eyes were focused on the nurses who wrapped your little baby in a white blanket. ‘Congratulations with your daughter.’ The nurse smiled and laid the baby in your arms. You stared at the warm brown eyes staring back in yours. She was perfect, had the exact same brown eyes as Zayn’s. ‘She’s beautiful.’ You smiled out of breath. ‘Just like you.’ Zayn whispered and kept staring at your little girl. You handed her to Zayn who held her tenderly careful. He gave a soft kiss on the little girls forehead. ‘She’s perfect. Just like her mommy.’ Zayn smiled. You stared at Zayn holding our daughter; And you swore to god; it was the most perfect thing your eyes had ever seen.

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Wrote three years ago
@m-non awh, thank you!

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Good Luck,
Mijn fingers are crossed. (: x

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@m-non happy you liked it!
Well, I have to go to school in an hour! Then I have my French test! ;(

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Thank you so much,.
I hopeyou exam went well?
xx. (:




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