Bella actually say this [Well, thinks it] in Breaking Dawn while she s walking down the steps. Crazy right. I read it and this song popped in my head! I love it when sets just'click' like that!! Ha...

iloveyou;♥ originally clipped this. Then I saved it. And editted it. Ya know, like changed the color and added text. Of course my horrid texture are on there, too.

Omigosh! Guess what! So I have this friend whose mom own this really expensive store. And today her mom called my mom and said "I have two bahs FILLED with Abercrombie jeans and there is no one small enough to fit into them. And so naturally, I thought of Jenna because she is a stick" :]. SO we went to the store and bought like 6 pairs of pant and 3 shirts... all for $105!!! And that is GREAT because like ONE pair AT Abercrombie is like $60 or $50. Each from ym friend's mom's store was $15. And so now I am alllll happy! Very, very good day.

Sorry to bore you with that, but I just had to spill the beans. Lol....

I really hope you guys enjoy this set. It took a while. Let's just say my computer is being stubborn.

:] <3--JL
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