Hello girlies. So we have those days when we have no idea about what to do with our hair. Here I am, super hero to you, the damsel in distress.! (:
O1. Sunday:
 It's the first day of the week. You're probably chilling 'round the house doing homework or just hanging out with your people. It's a low maintenance day. So we are going to do the hair in the first picture.
 You'll need:
-4 bobby pins
-1 clear hair tie
Now once you've got the stuff, tilt your head to the side and then make three sections like a regular braid from the middle on the side of your head. Now just braid and pick up small pieces as you're going along- basically just french braid it from side to side. When you get done, use 2 bobby pins and criss cross them so they can be secure. Now do the same thing with the bottom part. Look at the picture and be one with your hair grasshopper. Now that you have both braids secure, put your into a side ponytail with that clear hair tie. All done!

O2. Monday:
 Monday. Monday. Monday. Just when your body was getting used to the weekend, you have to force yourself up at an unholy hour and you feel like crud the whole morning at school. Well, maybe if you had awesome hair, you'll feel awesome that day.
 What you'll need:
-1 inch or bigger curling iron
-Heat protectant
Spritz your hair with the heat protectant. Brush it through all the strands. Split your hair down the middle on the back of your head. Take the curling iron and a section of hair. It really doesn't matter what size the piece of hair is. Then, wrap your hair around the barrel. Now do this to the rest of your head. When you're done, Comb through your hair to make some sexy waves. Spirtz the finished product with some hairspray and you're good to go!

 Alright, it's Tuesday. Nothing special. Third day of the week... Let's just straighten our hair, shall we?
 What you'll need:
-Flat iron
-Heat protectant
-Hair clip (like those giant ones to section off your hair with)
Spritz your hair with the heat protectant and brush it through every strand. Section off your hair like a half-up-half-down hair do to get it out of the way. Now just take the flat iron and straighten your hair. Do this to the upper section when you're done with the bottom half. Now just spritz it with some hair spray to make it last. You're done!

 Okay! You've made it to the middle of the week! Just 3 more days to go.
 Luckily, you probably didn't wash your hair the night before, because we are gonna need the straight-ness of it. If you did and your hair doesn't dry straight, just do the same thing up there --->^^ in combination to this. What you'll need:
-1 clear hair tie
All you have to do is to french braid the front section of your hair. We are gonna do a braided head band sort of hairstyle. Just follow the link: http://www.polyvore.com/braided_headband/set?id=38535147 . Do everything but when you get done with the french braid, keep braiding like a normal braid until you've reached the end of the hair piece. Take the hair tie and tie it off!

 It's Thursday, y'all! Okay, no more games. Let's get started, everyone.
 You'll have to do this the night before. What you'll need:
-Wet hair
-2 giant scruchies
All you have to do is take a shower and do your normal routine. Condition and all that jazz.. When you're done, split your hair down the middle in the back. Take one of the two sections and wrap it around into little buns. Do the same to the other. As and extra, you can put in texturizing balm or whatever before you put your hair into the buns. While you're sleeping, your hair will dry. Take them out the next day and watch as your beautiful waves cascade down your back. Run your fingers through them if you want looser waves.

 It's finally Friday. It's a chill day and you need a laid back, but super cute hair do.
 What you'll need:
-Flat iron
-Heat protectant
-2 bobby pins
Okay, spritz the heat protectant all over and brush it through every strand. Then, just straighten your hair. Now just get three pieces of hair from the front. Braid regularly, but upwards so you don't get that awkward little bump when you try to pin it back. Speaking of which, when you're done, pin the braid back with those 2 bobby pins in a criss cross thing to secure it. If you want it really secure, tie it with a clear hair tie before you secure it with the bobby pins.

 It is the last day of the week! Saturday's also a chill day if you aren't going somewhere special.
 What you'll need:
-1 Hair tie
-1 (Thick) headband or bandanna
-2 bobby pins
Using the straightened hair from yesterday, we are going to put it back into a ponytail. Leave hair in the front, though. We need that poof. To get the poof just tease the little section to get volume, bring it down, scooch the section of hair up so it can form that poof, and secure it with the bobby pins in a criss cross way. Put the bandanna on or the thick headband on and then take some loose pieces of hair out for that effortless look like in the picture.
I am finally done! Yay! Anyways, try these hairstyles out and let me know how it looks on you. I really hope none of my instructions confuse you guys and I really hope you like it! (:
Lots of love.
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