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The Epic Harry Potter Challenge;

Lights // Ellie Goulding

Meet Samantha Pierce (Amanda Seyfried), my cooler, shoe-loving alter-ego. She’s also an English witch currently in her seventh year at Hogwarts. Samantha is a friendly, fun-loving, and headstrong Hufflepuff with a penchant for getting into trouble (if she hadn’t been sorted into the house of the just and loyal, Samantha’d probably be a Gryffindor). Somehow though, Samantha still managed to become a prefect. She has a pet owl named Oscar who, some would argue, is in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. Both of Samantha’s parents are magical, but her father is a muggleborn. Her fashion choices range from sequins to elbow patches, her favorite class is a tie between History of Magic and Defense Against the Dark Arts, and her favorite spell is “Accio” because it’s so damn handy.

Her best friend is Aurelie Webber (Imogen Morris Clarke), fellow seventh year Hufflepuff and talented seeker. Aurelie is just as social and fun-loving as her friend, but not quite as headstrong or thirsty for adventure. She’s a muggleborn with a fantastic academic record who hopes to work at the Ministry after leaving Hogwarts.

And then there’s Ethan Kent (Miles Garber), Slytherin prefect and bane of Samantha’s existence. Ethan exudes a sort of easy confidence. He manages to be fairly popular with all the houses, but there is no question that his loyalty lies in Slytherin. That being said, even though he’s a pureblood, Ethan doesn’t like to trouble himself with the whole bloodline thing. So why is it that Samantha hates him so much? No one’s quite sure. One thing is for sure though; Samantha and Ethan are more romantically compatible than either of them would ever like to admit.

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