Top Set for 1st September. Look at me acting all calm. Calmer than a llama.


Before anything,

EID MUBARAK to all my Taliban buddies @deercat @sa4lyf @evanabosh @robot-in-a-box and @rafidahd I know this is a bit (a lot) late, but I honestly hope you all had a great Eid and stuffed your faces well and looked gorgeous and had a freaking good day. And I know I have pms for literally all of you waiting for me to reply and I'm really late (by the time I actually posted this, I have replied to most of them so yay :D), but you probably all understand how busy you get with Eid and all. So I will do that soon, promise :D And Happy Sunday to you too :D

So, the other day I WENT AND GOT MY EXAM RESULTS AND I'M LIKE SO HAPPY ARGH. I got straight A's. In total, I got 3 A's and 5 A*'s and I'm just so happy WIT THAT. And I'm not even freaking out over that, what I'm freaking out over is that I got ONE HUNDRED FREAKING PERCENT ON MY CHEM PAPER and I'm just dead. Asdfghjk. I don't even know how or anything but I'm dead. And I'm dying to know how @tell-me-more did on her bio paper because we sat the same paper and I got 96/100 on that which is an A* but I'm really annoyed because there was this one question about a zebra fish which was a 4 mark question and I wrote the totally wrong thing on it and if I had gotten those 4 marks, I would've got 100%. I feel kinda like this Ahaha typical Asian, not happy with a good mark. But anyways, I'm so thankful for my results and I just thought I'd share my super excitedness with y'all. I hope this paragraph didn't sound too obnoxious...

Ok, onto other happenings lately. Eid was... just like every other Eid really ahaha. I think the anticipation of Eid is more exciting than actual Eid. Like Eid day was just standard, everyone came over for lunch and then we just visited some people. And Eid just happened to be on the hottest day of the year so far and I was dying in my clothes so half way through the day I just changed into my pjs and fell asleep. The food was pretty good though, me and my dad went to this Asian sweet shop and they have the best freaking food and I was like telling the guy what to put in the box and he was like is this enough ladoo for you and I'm like lol no chuck in 2 more or something. Ahahaha it feels so illegal eating during the day.

I actually think I've put on weight which is stupid because how do you put on weight after a month of fasting but whatever, I'm happy. The scales say that I've put on nothing but I forgot to mention those scales were made in the depths of hell and don't know what they are talking about. Most of my clothes are now tight for me so ha. Although I just realised that could be because my clothes just shrank... damn.

I was at the airport a couple of days ago and I saw the Finnish Paralympic team arrive in London and daaaaamn they had A LOT of suitcases. Seriously, they had 4 trolleys and I counted at least 20 bags on each trolley and if I am correct, 4x20 is 80 and that is a lot of luggage. Although there was quite a fair few of them and obvs they will have all their equipment with them too, but it was funny to see these porters pushing all these suitcases one after the other ahaha.

Lololololol as I'm typing this, there is a guy parked outside of my room blasting out some Indian love song. Indian love songs are the best, especially the videos. They'll be playing like this epic gameof hide and seek running behind trees and the like and then all of a sudden they're like transported and they are on top of a mountain and having magically gained about 50 background dancers and just Indian love songs are HILARIOUS ahhaah. But I hate when people play their music out loud, like not everyone appreciate's your crap musical taste. Le sigh, we have so many 'badmans' over here. Badmans in their badman Golfs with badman music playing really loud and trousers so low that they have to walk funny. Or as they like to call it, walking with 'swag'. I don't even get it right, we were shopping once and I saw this group of badmans running away from the police I guess and every couple of steps the guy had to pull up his trousers because they kept falling down. YOU FREAKIN IDIOT YOU DON'T HAVE NO SWAG OR ANYTHING YOU LOOK LIKE A BLOODY HOBO WHO CAN'T AFFORD A FREAKIN BELT YOU DOORKNOB. JUST GO HOME AND NEVER STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE EVER AGAIN ASDFG THEY ANNOY ME SO MUCH D:

Oh and I finished reading 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' and uh wth is this book? It was just so so so typical. That's what I hate about these chic lit or whatever they are books. There has to be the dark, broody, mysterious guy who is like no go away I'm dangerous blah blah and the girl is just like omg I can't stay away. He has dark curly locks always and mysterious eyes and he is basically the Edward. And then there's 'the other guy' who she only like /as a friend/ and he's all happy and open and fun to be around and he is the Jacob and the book followed every stereotypical plotline to a tee. And I don't understand, this girl is 15 and she is making such a huge fuss over a bf like it's the end of the world and SHE IS LEARNING TO DRIVE AT THE AGE OF FIFTEEN I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS. And idk the literary style was meh, sometimes I felt like it was a book written for a 12 year old... I expected a lot more knowing that there is even a rp on here based on the books. Now I sit patiently and wait for @luxecouture to comment and tell me why I'm so wrong. Idk, I tend to stay away from chick lit for this very reason because every book is the same with just different names and faces, I'm never surprised which just gets boring. Guys, if you wanna read a book that surprises you GO READ THE GONE SERIES HDFBGU THOSE BOOKS ARE JUST AWESOME SAUCE. AWESOME AWESOME SAUCE. I will be so sad when the series ends next year D:

As you can see with this set, I've been slightly obsessed with Miranda Kerr lately. And these pics taken by Orlando Bloom aka Legolas aka @tell-me-more ;D are stunning. And she is stunning. And I had this really weird thought and I told my sister and she was just like o.O but seriously, can you imagine a supermodel having to go for a toilet break. Honestly I cannot imagine the like of Candace Sawnaposomething having to go and take a dump. They just seem so... perfect I guess and it's hard to imagine them doing something like going to the toilet. Ok this is getting really weird but that was just a thought I had and yeah, um, let's move on. Oh and look tres closely at the pic of Miranda Kerr and you will see that she is actually eating a samosa. I may or may not have edited that in myself.

Oh and by the way, hate, HATE the new Polyvore layout. Like seriously wth, I can't even see tags like when you are publishing a set, there is a box to add tags and they just disappear now on the set page. And I can't freakin find the like button. So sometimes I comment about how much I love a set BUT THEN I FORGET TO LIKE IT. THIS IS CRAZY. Sometimes I feel like the people in charge, whether it is politics or polyvore or teachers just don't see the obvious thing. Like in The Apprentice when they guy loves his idea so much that he doesn't see the obvious flaws. Gah, if I could just work for Polyvore for just one day, I'm not saying the site would be fantastico, just I have some ideas that could benefit everyone. And it's like the obvious stuff, like redesigning the publishing page to make it easier to use. Gosh the description box is so small :(

But anyways, I don't work for Polyvore so poo. I am currently sitting in my dad's swively chair wrapped in a blanket dying of this damn cough and i need to go downstairs and figure out how to fix my throat. LOL I sound like Chewy with a weird British twang ;D BYE LOVELY PEOPLE :D Oh, and this just with a capital I at the beginning.

Ciao mes amies.
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