Sometimes I get really excited and I hurriedly make a set so that I can blog and then I rush to the computer and I type one paragraph and then I realise that I actually have nothing interesting to say so I just leave and go to the kitchen to eat some ice cream. BUT TODAY IS NOT ONE OF THOSE DAYS BECAUSE TODAY IS FRIDAY bit.ly/WfTSEQ I actually CANNOT wait for the second movie of that :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D D: :D ahahha there is a dodgy face in there ;D

Anyways, I'm sort of hyped up so idk how this will turn out, but big news story since I last blogged: Disney bought Lucasfilm. Lolwut. I actually do not know how I feel about this because Lucas sucked and I mean Disney did make The Avengers... But then again, Disney Princess Leia is gonna seem a bit weird ahaha. I was bored so I did a failed attempt at drawing Leia Disney style bit.ly/UoJ6Fc. I tried to do the whole wide eyes, rounded cheeks looks but to me it just looks like she's got a whole apple in her mouth... also yes, I fail at drawing hands and guns, shoot me. Ahahahha get it, shoot me, guns... ok that ship is going doooown.

Sidenote: When I was a kid, I legit thought that the people over at Disney were retarded because they were called Disney but their logo said Disnep. I mean honestly, don't tell me that I am the only person who grew up thinking the 'y' in the Disney logo looked like a 'p'. And then when I was like 11 or whatever I finally realised it was a 'y' and it was like my whole childhood was over :(

Onto other things, I decided to just stop being stingy and I went out and bought some Cath Kidston fabric although I'm not stupid enough to pay £28 per metre so I just bought it off eBay and it looks awesome and I was just cutting it out to make bunting for my textiles work. And I know I have been banging on about le stupid textiles project for ages now and I haven't even explained what I am making so I decided to finally reveal the huge mystery that is my project.

Basically I am making a doorstop. Lolwut. (I'm kinda obsessed with that phrase at the moment, leave me be). Here is my initial drawing bit.ly/WfWd2A ignore the one on the left, I couldn't be bothered to crop the image. Simply, the door stop is going to be a round cylinder shaped thing and then ima stuff it with like lentils or rice or something. Omg lentils and rice together is like the best food ever. And now I'm hungry .-. Oh and I forgot to mention that we were given a design brief and basically I have to make a home furnishing product that is inspired by all things British and vintage. All the girls were making like cushions and wall hangings so I decided to be my own weird self and went and made a doorstop. But once I started making my product, I realised it's a bit plain so I incorporated some other ideas into it. There will be 3 motifs around the edge, the tea cup, the London Eye and 3 soldiers. I've already made the 3 soldiers bit.ly/RAuPEH and I think they actually turned out quite cool :D And now look over to the left of the original picture, and you see that London Eye, I'm in the middle of making that. That is what all the buttons are for because each button is going to be one pod of the Eye. I'm not even sure if I'm making sense, but if you're a regular blog reader, you would know that by now. Ok that is enough textiles for one blog post.

Also, I hope you guys realise how difficult it was for me to write the above section, because I get SO confused between my lefts and rights. Like I'm sitting here blogging and then I have to look down and make the 'L' shape with my hands and work out which is left and which is right and then I have to double check and edit this post because I got it wrong the first time. Le sigh. The problems of being a Maleeha.

These holidays have gone so fast and I achieved nothing in them! Eid was a week ago and I said that I would post another blog soon because i would have more time but WHERE DID THE TIME GO :O The week has zoomed by and then today I just sat there and stared at the pile of homework and stared at it some more and decided enough was enough and got it done. By got it done I mean I did half of my bio stuff and decided it was time for a snack break. But on the plus side, although the holidays are over, I'M NOT GOING BACK TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY WOOOOP. Ahahah instead of going to school next week, instead everyone goes to like a work placement, which is basically like an internship. So I will be spending the next week at my local dentist and hopefully, by the end of it, I will be enlightened as to whether dentistry is the career for me. And I'm hoping it is, because I have no back up options, plus the pay is real good ;D

Oh is anyone reading this good at sudoku. Because I am stuck. The other day I found my old sudoku book and I was whizzing through them because they were really easy and then I got on to the 'Difficult' section, and although they were quite hard, I found them fun and I finished all of them and now I am onto 'Fiendish' and I was really excited because like fiendish sounds awesome BUT OMG IT IS SO HARD AND I AM STUCK. It's like the book went super easy, easy, mild and then BAM MEGA MEGA MEGA HARD. And I sat there like bit.ly/OEO0gc. I have ALWAYS wanted to use that ahaha. But for reals, I'm sitting in front of a bunch of numbers and tbh I think I am fairly good at sudoku but I actually cannot do this. But I refuse to give up and I refuse to look at the answers and cheat so we have officially reached a stalemate and I have no idea what I am doing. So instead I decided to make a set. Notice how the white spaces are back ;)

I don't have many links for you because they are all open on the other computer but here was something that I thought was quite cool: visual.ly/hone-your-chops-chefs-guide-knives. I love infographics, it's loads of information but you can actually digest and understand it :D

Oh I almost forgot, 4000 FOLLOWERS OFFICIALLY. I guess it's kinda a big deal maybe, but to me, it's just like meh. Not because I don't appreciate it but because I can't imagine 4000 real people. I can never imagine numbers in real life like you know when they say that oh x number of people died in WW1, I can't picture what x amount of people looks like. But anyways, woohoo 4000 followers ahahaha. I don't really pay attention to like the statistics/numbers side of polyvore but this popped up in activity so I thought it was worth mentioning. Thank you guys for following me because you people are awesome like that :D

Omg my foot has fallen asleep and I just moved it and I have electric shocks flowing through my veins right now and omg the paaaaaain. Ah ah ah ah ah. Oh and I finished watching Avatar again (Avatar the Last Airbender, not to be confused with flying blue aliens) so I'm officially going to start watching Legend of Korra and Tumblr is full of gifs and spoilers and it's just like noooo I must shield my eyes!!!!

Plus, you guys know me well enough to know what is coming next. MERLIN IS ON TOMORROW ASDFGHJKL it's just so crazy because tbh I don't really watch much TV except for the few shows that I am actually dedicated to, one of them being Merlin and the last series was 8 months ago so I have a lot of fangirling to make up for. @robot-in-a-box be prepared for le texting marathon. Also dude, where are you??!! No reply in like 4 days .-. and yes it's the wind-just-bitchslapped-someone face ;D

I am off to go do stuff, most likely eat food and put off doing any work. Ciao amigos :D

PS. I forgot to say that I saw Expendables 2 and it was hilarious and damn it was like the whole screen was just taken up by muscles, they were everywhere. But it was awesome because all the badass people were there with guns and tanks and hilarious one liners although the rest of the script was kinda lacking... Also, is it just me or does Sylvester Stallone REALLY REALLY REALLY look like a Bollywood actor. Not any in particular, just I can see him in a shirwani dancing along to some random song. No? Also, these blogs make me seem like I watch loads of Indian movies but I actually haven't even seen one. Too much dancing and fake drama and stupid background noises .

Anyway ima go now for real :D Have a great weekend y'all :D Oh last thing, my face seems chubbier so maybe I finally actually put on some weight this Eid :DDDDDDD look at them double chins ahahhahhahaha.

Laaaast thing, this set was inspired by the lovely @summerbreeze85 and her gorgeous sets :D Hope you don't mind me using your layout ^^
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Gorgeous set design, darling!!!

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lovely! please follow me if you like my sets

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Oh, this is super cute! Love the flats.

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