Um believe it or not but I'm kinda fed up with poly atm and I have no desire to blog/nothing to blog about.

I actually wrote a blog on New Year's Eve and even did a tag that @diegolohve asked me to do but then I started watch The Wolverine and fell asleep and didn't save my blog so it's gone and I lack the effort to type it all up again. But it was a fun tag to do (thanks coco!)

I actually took a pic of my poly stats at the beginning of 2013 and did the same one the first day of 2014 and the progress this account has made in a year is ridiculous. I feel so bad because we've been getting so many followers recently (the pic below, despite being 5 days old is already outdated. 14K followers officially :o) and polyvore keeps spamming my inbox with news of more followers and I haven't posted a set in who knows how long and yeah. Sorry. But thanks so much for this http://hijabikebabi.tumblr.com/post/71788330928/polyvore-stats-at-the-beginning-and-end-of-2013 :D

Shout out to @patpatkay for being incredibly awesome and entertaining me on the train every day with your posts :D also, a kid at work today came up with a simile that you would be so proud of. Here goes, he said that the sea was like the sky but on the ground. A+ student right there ;D

Missing my bud @lenasupernatural yo. We have sooo much to catch up on. Will eb thinking of you every time I eat another carrot ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Also hi to @de-si-ree :D I've missed you and plan on getting caught up with your blogs soon. Thanks for remembering me during my absence, miss talking to you!

@abi-gill is back so that deserves a mention. Hey :D

Hey @french-kitty!! I have nothing much to say to you seeing as we've been talking so much recently :D

I'm still pining over Coco and @hortensie's layouts.

Happy New Year to @lachompi09. Missing you Vero!

Sherlock's gonna be on soon so I gotta be quick but I also wanted to dedicate this set to @bittersweet89 @bestdressx @elsewhere69 @luxecouture @liv-xoxo @limabean-347 @emyemoemu @noelleinashell @ashley-rebecca @rainie-minnie and @giko-is-giantsister for being great friends during 2013 :D I hate doing mass tags because I am 8000% sure I've missed people out and then they'll coment and I'll suddenly remember but it's too late to sneak them into here so I'm sorry if I forgot you, it was not intended D:

Time to finish this damn level on Candy Crush and then freak out over Sherlock. I might be back soon if I can find the inspiration, miss you guys!


PS. The new layout sucks SO BAD FREAKING UGH
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Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
wow I love it! this is something I would absolutely wear, so laid-back and chic at the same time

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago



Let Your Creativity Burst

Let Your Creativity Burst

Hello darlings! Welcome to our group! It is a pleasure to have you as a member and we hope you enjoy all our contests! LYCB is a group made for all members on Polyvore! All fashion sets are accepted. Every single member on this site has a unique set style and fashion sense and we love to see variety in the group!!! Several stunning sets are created every day! LYCB allows you to showcase your fabulous creations for your fellow friends to see! It also gives you the chance to win contests! LYCB holds many fun and interesting fashion contests all the time! Be sure to enter and get a chance to be one of the lucky winners! If you have any contest ideas that you think the group should have, feel free to message @frenchkitty. Any feedback and suggestions would also be appreciated! We love hearing from our group members!!!!!!

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Beautiful Muslim Girls on Polyvore

Beautiful Muslim Girls on Polyvore

Salaam sisters! Welcome to this group! This group will have many contests for you all to enter and get a chance to win! Thank you in advance for participating in our contests and I hope you enjoy them all! If you have any ideas for contests, please message me @frenchkitty. I would love to hear your thoughts/ideas/suggestions. Also, if you would like to promote a certain set, collection, or anything, you can also message me and I will post it as an announcement. In addition, if you have any lectures, stories, blogs, articles, news, etc. that you'd like to share with us all to benefit from, send it to me and I will tell everyone to take a look! If you have any duaa requests, we are open to that too. Thank you again and happy to have you part of this lovely group! xxx



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Fashion is my Passion ♥

Fashion is my Passion ♥

Hello, everyone!
Do you have your own style? Are your sets amazing? Then join us at Fashion is my Passion ♥ !
This group is dedicated to all the girls who have not forgotten to be themselves!!
If you are a fashion addict, then join!
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