IS THIS ICONIC OR WHAT. No I'm not talking about Ellen's selfies at the Oscars, but the fact that I'm posting this set from my phone! Aw yes, I am an official tester for the beta Android app and although there are loads of improvements to be made/features to be added, it's a great start! Now here's the confusing part, I decided to make this set on my dad's iPhone, then I heard about the beta app, so although I'm publishing this from the Android app, this is also my first set made on the iPhone app. Whatever, it looks like a lot more of my time may now be spent o the app...

Obviously first point of call must be the Oscars. I didn't watch them because time differences mean the event is held in the wee hours of the morning here, but of course tumblr kept me updated ahaha. I feel like the dresses this year weren't all that stunning, but I did have a few favourites. Lupita Nyong'o looked absolutely amazing in her dress, I feel like the colour looked incredible against her skin tone and she looked so pretty in it! Second favourite of the night had to be Emma Watson, the dress, hair, makeup and rings all worked together so well and she looked awesome! I also really liked the nude dress Cate Blanchett wore and the majority of the nude sequinned dresses looked great. Personally I think Jen Lawrence's dress was kinda boring and the little hip flaps things didn't do it for me but I feel like she knew it wasn't her night and dressed down a bit? Idk, she still managed to look great overall.

I think I've finally (almost) decided what I want to go and study at uni. I'm currently looking at taking a degree in geography and economics, focusing more on human geography and geoeconomics. I've completely moved on from the sciences and am going down a more social sciences/economics/politics route. Who would've known that I'd choose to study eco at uni after all the complaining huh ;D But yeah I've still got a while to decide and then start thinking of what particular unis I want to go to but it seem like I'm starting to formulate a plan :D

I've been reading up loads on this whole Russia/Ukraine situation because not only is it really interesting, but for the first time it seems really close to home. It's just fascinating to see how Putin can basically just keep pushing his boundaries and gets away with invading another country while the rest of the world kind of just sits back and makes petty threats like excluding Russia from the G8. No one particularly wants to go to war so I doubt it'll get to that, but the situation is still pretty serious. If anyone wants to know more about it, this is a great summary of reasons that have led to what is happening bit.ly/NOwMCh.

Other major developments in my life include watching really interesting documentaries, going to museums, visiting giant cockerels and having to go to school on a Saturday. A week ago, I had a hundred things to say, but no set to post. Today I have a set to post but nothing to say. And thus continues the cycle of my inability to polyvore.

Also, Happy World Book Day (in advance)! It'd be nice if you guys commented below what you're currently reading. At the moment I'm in the middle of 'Free Lunch', 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and have just started 'A Short History of Nearly Everything'. I'm really looking forward to reading the short history of nearly everything and may be in the vain hope that once I finish it, I'll be some intellectual genius who discusses proteins and dinosaurs like reading the weekly grocery list. Ha!

Let's hope that Pakistan's newly found cricket winning streak continues, you all have a great week and that my sets are good enough to satisfy the 25K and growing follower count (eek). Talk soon!
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Wrote one year ago
You make lovely sets!

Wrote two years ago
So chic !!!!

Wrote two years ago
Loving this look to pieces. ^-^

Wrote two years ago
So amazing set and style!


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