I have no stupid joke or gif or anything to actually describe this. 4 Top Sets in a row is just woah crazy and I am totally amazed but wow a huge thank you @polyvore for Top Sets for September 27th :D :D :D

IT'S BEEN TOO LONG GUYS, TOO FREAKING LONG. School is still crazy as ever and I still haven't been able to settle down into a proper routine which is why no sets and no replies to comments or pm which I absolute promise to do soon. But anyways, IT'S FRIDAY WHICH IS THE BEST FREAKING DAY AND 20/20 WORLD CUP HAS STARTED AND AFGHANISTAN WERE AWESOME AND I'M HYPER OK. Unbelievably hyper. Because it is Friday. And the weekend. And I went shopping AND ACTUALLY BOUGHT SOMETHING. I got a lace top which I have wanted for SO long and it was on sale today so I was just like hell yeah and so I am now the proud owner of this awesome top. And then randomly met up with a friend intown and we walked back in the rain and my feet got absolutely soaked but who cares because I am pumped right now. For what, I have no idea. Who needs a reason. Hyper Maleeha isn't best for blogging because everything I write will be upside down and all unsensical and nobody will have a clue what I'm talking about except for @robot-in-a-box who is used to this. Need to spam your airways soon dude, it's been so long since le proper talk. So yes, instead of blogging because that would be a horrific idea given my current state, I've decided to combine all these tags that I've been asked to do by the following lovely people @diegolohve @istylista @myduza-and-koteczka @sssdmr

Woo let's go. Oh I feel excited :DDD 3 tags in one set, BLASPHEMY :O Ahahhaha

1) Where were you 3 hours ago? - Walking home hyper in the rain :D
2) Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? - My dad's bright pink post-it note book mark things ;D
3) What are you wearing right now? - PJs
4) What are the colors of your bedroom walls? - 3 cream walls and one pink feature wall. Gasp, PINK?! Guys it's an awesome colour, like a really dark almost red pink :D
5) Who is the last person you sent a message to? - My friend :D
6) What does your last text message say? - 'You know you love my baqwas though ;D'
7) Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke? - Pepsi is sweeter than Coke
8) Is your hair curly or straight? - Hmm, well when I wash it, it is super wavy and quite awesome but then like the next day it sorta dies down and goes pretty straight
9) Which is the hardest thing you ever had to do? - Think before I speak
10) Favorite 2 color combinations? - Oooh um navy and cream for clothes, love that
11) What is your favorite accessory? - My hijab?
12) Which current celebrity's style do you admire most? - I don't follow celeb style y'all
13) What is your favorite fashion store/shop? - I wouldn't say I have a favourite, I just go anywhere where I see something good I guess...
14) When was the last time you drove out of town? - Thorpe Park on Wednesday :D :D Going Bham on the weekend :D
15) With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? - I WILL WAIT BY MUMFORD AND SONS HELL YEAH
16) What was the last thing you bought? - Le lace top *smug smile*
17) What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? - Omg ok. True story. Mum was waking me up a couple of days ago and she was saying something like wake up but all I could hear her say was pizza pizza pizza. And I also had a dream I had pizza for breakfast. So I guess pizza.
18) Favorite food? - SAMOSAS OMG YES
19) Biggest turn off? - I'm stuck with this question. Like I know what I want to say in my head but I can't word it properly. Basically I generally don't like people so a lot of stuff annoys me and yeah
20) What do you always have on you/wear? - My scarf, duh :D
21) What does your screen name mean/how did you come up with it? - I've explained before. And if you're reading this far, you've probably read my other blogs too so you would know...
22) Favorite style of top/blouse? - Anything that actually flatters my non existent figure
23) Favorite TV show? - MERLIN WHICH IS STARTING SOON :D And DW, Mentalist, Countdown ;D I don't really watch TV, I hate those reality TV shows or talent shows or all those Glee sorta ones or those typical PLL or Gossip Girl. I'm just not into that stuff. Ahahaha I always find it easier to say what I don't like rather than what I do ;D
24) What is a favorite TV show from your childhood? - DBZ. Hell yeah.
25) A big hodge podge of this polyvore.com/interiors/collection?id=1460864

ONTO THE NEXT TAG :DDDDD It's a this and that tag and you put a * next to the one you prefer

Coffee - Tea (Neither)
Classy - Casual *
Heels - Apartments (What kinda comparison is this?!)
LA - New York *
Shopping - The Movies *
* Funny Guys - Guys really romantic
The Hunger Games - Harry Potter *
* Movies - Books
Disney - Nickelodeon (CARTOON NETWORK FTW)
Party brilliant - Date impressive (Huh?)
* Tumblr - Facebook
Pinterest - Facebook (Don't have either. Facebook seems stupid to me)
Toms - Vans (Neither)
Converse - Ugg (Both so overpriced)
Hollister - A & F (Neither)
Skinny guy - muscular guys (Idk)
Paris - London * 
Justin Bieber - One Direction (Omg just no. Horrible. All of them)
* Taylor Swift - Demi Lovato
Logan Lerman - Daniel Radcliffe (No thanks)
* Selena Gomez - Miley Cyrus (Don't really like Selena but hate Miley so...)
Zac Efron - Robert Pattinson (What neither, come on guys)
Alex Pettyfer - Taylor Lautner (I don't like most of these typical celeb guys, seriously, this tag is not for me)
Kim Kourtney Khloe - Kylie Kendall (Do not even let me start on my rant of how much I hate this clan. Like ugh, stupid people)
Tyler Posey - Josh Hutcherson (Who is this Tyler dude?)
Rihanna - Rita Ora (Asdf hate them both)
Ryan Lochte - Tom Daley (Again with the hate thing)
Lucy Hale - Ashley Benson (Can;t remember faces for these people? I know one is from PLL I think but seeing as I don't watch, idk)
Ariana Grande - Victoria Justice (Neither)
Blake Lively - Vanessa Hudgens (Neither)
* Emma Stone - Emma Watson* (BOTH :D)
Drake - Eminem * (I did like Marvin's Room though...)
Jonas Brothers - One Direction (Seriously ok, I don't like these guys. I'm not 12. And I have just offended half the people on here. Just my opinion y'all)

Ok basically I failed that tag because I guess it was aimed at people who are not like me. Woops.


A - ALBUM YOU LAST BOUGHT: Don't buy albums
C - CELEB CRUSH: Go see the previous tag. And answer for yourself
E - EARLIEST MUSIC MEMORY: Singing all those stupid songs on coach rides on school trips ahaha
F - FAVORITE SONG ABOUT LOVE: Nothing immediately springs to mind... oh wait I will Wait by Mumford and Sons I think
H - HAPPY SONG: Houdini by Foster the People?
I - IN LOVE WITH ANY BAND RECENTLY? Ok lately I've discovered some really awesome bands. So, here we go, Two Door Cinema Club, Mumford and Co. since forever, Foster the People, Neon Trees
L - LONGEST CONCERT: Never been to one
U - UGLIEST BAND (AS IN MUSIC): 1D is the first to pop into my head
V - VEGETARIAN?: Lol nope, that would be horrific for me
W - WORST GUILTY PLEASURE: I don't have guilty pleasures, if I like something, you'd know ;D
-Unicorn name? I found some Unicorn name generator from Google and apparently I am Lavender Misty Mane
-Favorite Condiment?: Condiment is too fancy a word for me but I think ketchup if what I think condiment means is true
-Place you would live in?: ICELAND BECAUSE @tell-me-more that is our plan right? Ahahhaha
-Favorite Tea?: No tea for me
-Crowdsurfing or moshing?: Sitting at home with my computer
-Fruity Gum or Minty Gum?: Both
-Crunchy or Chewy Chips Ahoy?: Ahoy there me 'arty what is a chip ahoy?
-Best Video Game?: Omg to answer this, well. DOA because that was my childhood along with Prince of Persia back in PS1 days, Mario obvs, Sonic, Tony Hawks with @robot-in-a-box Wario Ware Smooth Moves which was HILARIOUS, Plants V Zombies, First Person Shooters, I play a lot of video games okay
Do you like this quiz?:Well I like it better than the one above ahhaha :D

What are you wearing?: PJs
Necklaces?: Nope
Bracelets?: I often wear bracelets but not right now
Your eye color?Practically black
Your hair color?: Black but dip dyed a really awesome reddy, coppery, browny colour which you can only notice in the sun .-.
Short or long hair?: Medium long
Height?: 5'4"and a bit
Nail Polish?: Noooo ahhaha

I think that is all le tags done. Woo. Also, again, another simplistic set, because I am currently lacking inspiration and cannot find pics. Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully, maybe, you might see more of me soon if school let's up .-.

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