You know what, after the absolutely amazing weather we have been having this week, I welcome a weekend of rain because that is the only thing that will keep me indoors and focused on my revision rather than running around outside in the grass. Man, I've /always/ wanted to find a huge field with long corny things and run around having a water fight with war paint on my face and feathers in my hair... I think I'm just fantasising about the Anna Sun music video... Excuse the language but this bit.ly/ZqaKsj perfectly sums up my feelings :D

Man I love that picture in the top left soo much, the makeup is amazing!! And for some reason the pic reminds me of @istylista, I feel like it's something which I would find on your blog which I love by the way. And I know I used the picture of the bike in my last set, but I love it so much that I just had to. I don't really make bright colourful sets so this was kinda weird, even though it's not that colourful. It took me sooo long to decide whether to use a neon pink Simone Rocha skirt or yellow shorts. I still don't know what this set looks like right now because I'm typing this up but I haven't decided which item to use...

Has anyone else's poly layout changed? Because on my Mac the top bar has changed to black but on the computer it's fine...

Guys, I've found my summer jam. Actually I found it like 2 months ago and have had it playing in the background almost every single day. It's a remix of a song by Phoenix and I just ugh love it so much. Like this isn't just my jam, it's my bread, butter, toast and mango juice. Here's the link for you all, it might not be your cup of tea but it certainly is mine and I don't even drink tea. bit.ly/yVBcp. Oh and literally just this second I found some new artist who seems pretty cool. Her website is http://lorde.co.nz/ and I really love 'The Love Club'. This article about her is pretty interesting too bit.ly/ZRww5R and I love her hair. BUT SERIOUSLY THAT REMIX MAKES ME SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER ARGH.


I'm currently addicted to the game Icomania which is basically this game where you are given a very simplified or section of a picture which represents a common icon such as a person, character, brand, country etc and you have to guess what it is. So I was playing this game and I realised just how clever the marketing experts are. Because I like to think I'm some non-conformist who isn't affected by the media etc but then I got to this one level where they literally showed you three white lines on a black background and in about 0.001 seconds I knew that that was the Adidas logo. And then I freaked out because I realise I am on level 300-something and I am naming all these characters and brands and movies, many of which I have never actually seen but I know all these things about them. I seriously feel brainwashed, I mean how crazy is it that three lines represent a whole brand and their ethos and everything. Here's the picture actually 4pic1wordsolutions.com/adidas. It's so weird how everyday we are exposed to all these things and we just shrug them off, but subconsciously they are always in our mind and we can recognise them immediately. I kinda want to work in marketing now, imagine all the power I would have over people ahahaha. But seriously, this game made me realised I have seen way too many movies and know the names of way too many famous people, many of whom I don't even know what they look like. And as soon as I finish this blog I'm going to go right back and carry on playing because it's too addictive. Yeah, I suck, I know.

I've been having really crazy dreams lately. Some of them are pretty hilarious actually.
Dream 1: My cupboard was a portal to North Korea and there were all these tiny soldiers like the ones in Toy Story hiding behind the door and helping me defeat my crazy aunty who was a skinhead army guy tried to nuke my house...
Dream 2: I was in the car with some guy who had 4 traffic cones taped to his head?!
Dream 3: This one is probably slightly insensitive and will have the FBI on my case, but I'm going to go ahead because really, I don't mean anything by it. Wahay for not thinking before I speak... Anyway, I was the Boston Bomber and was setting fire to my head teacher's office. It seems really violent but it was actually a pretty chill dream. I was dragging my bedsheets across like some crop fields and there were people harvesting the crops and the sun was really nice and my bedsheets were so soft and fresh smelling and I was dragging them through oil on the floor so that they would set on fire. Then I went to go have tea in the attic and I got trapped underneath a bed and I don't think I got to the bit where I actually set fire to anything because I had to wake up. The field bit was actually really cool and if I could paint I would do a really awesome painting of that scene because it was awesome. But yeah.
Dream 4: The Waffle Truck disappeared. This will only make sense to about 2 people but it was more of a nightmare than a dream...

Hmm, I'm behind on tags so I shall quickly do this one from the AWESOME @lenasupernatural and then go do some bio revision.

1. What's your favourite quote?
'Animals eat to live, humans live to eat' from the movie Over The Hedge which was pretty cool and that quote is so true, I love it... and the movie :D

2. What's your favourite day of the week?
FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY. Because although I know that my weekend probably won't be as exciting as I hope, just the anticipation for 2 days of relaxation (haha) is awesome!

3. What do you think of rainy days?
Rainy days suck when you're in school stuck in 5th period on a Thursday afternoon, trying to concentrate in maths. /but when you're at home all warm and wearing a huge jumper and reading a book, RAINY DAYS ARE THE BEST YO.

4. What's your guilty pleasure?
Do I even have a guilty pleasure? I think most things I like I am pretty open about...

5. What's your worst habit?
I think everyone knows this by now, not thinking before I speak y'all.

6. If you could go anywhere on vacation right now, where would you go?
Canada, Vancouver. For specific reasons.

7. What's your all time favourite song/album?
Currently, the song is 1901 as mentioned above. The album ad mentioned in my previous set would be Night Visions. Now if only the question asked about my favourite band and then I could do an all caps Mumford and Sons fangirl ;D

8. What's your favourite fashion brand?
I always answer the same thing for this ahaha. Zara, Acne, Rag and Bone, Isabel Marant. Wait is Isabel Marant a brand or a designer. Is there a difference? There obviously is but...

9. If you could have ANY job you want, which would it be?
Ahaha, marketing remember ;) No, ever since I was young I have always, always, always, always wanted to be the voice actor for a villain in an animated movie. Or work in the animating studios. Chances of that happening are -450 so let's just move on to the next question.

10. What's your favourite movie from your childhood?
Mostly animated movies I guess, I remember The Incredible being super awesome because that was the first movie I ever saw in the cinemas and it was such an awesome experience :D

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying their weekend! Sorry for the super long post, idk when I shall next be blogging and had a lot to say so yeah. My bad. Now to choose between that skirt and those shorts. Le sigh...
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Wrote three years ago
Adore this set ~ those shorts are so cute!!!

Wrote three years ago
@rikka-alethea Duuude, you are too sweet! Love ya xxx

Wrote three years ago
sooo great!!!xoxoxo

Wrote three years ago
These shorts are so adorable! Sweet look! ❤



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