@lenasupernatural I hope this bit.ly/ZjVlw2 is your face right now because yes, this is your very late birthday set!!! Duuuude, I'm so sorry about the fact that this is so late, but I hope you freaking like it :DDD

I can't believe I've only know you for a total of 10 months, like what, crazy huh? It feels like forever!! But meeting you has been one of the awesomest things ever because we have had a load of fun together yo. Like I met my carrot buddy, my double chin buddy and the queen of gifs ;DD

I still remember when the Euro's were on and we were sitting there watching the same match and cheering on the same team and commentating it all in the comments of your set ahahha. It sucked that we didn't win but I'm sure that come 2014, we (or well Germany really) are going to be awesome :DD England on the other hand... hahhahhaha.

This set took a while to make but I managed to find the perfect picture of Miranda for me to base a set around and basically, I think this set includes your favourite family only second to your own :D And I still find it so cool how Miranda tweeted you and you had a conversation with her mum, look at you mingling with the Kerr's ;D

Oh and this is slightly unrelated to you but those earrings are so awesome :o and I need to stop using jumpers (weep) because spring is finally here!! Hell yeah hottest day of the year :DDD Hope you are enjoying some sun there Lena :D

I wish I could hop on the plane to Germany sometime soon because you always look like your having so much fun, plus, you look like an awesome cook ;DD

I tried to find you some gifs that would make you laugh or smile but I can never beat your skill ;D So here is my kinda pathetic attempt :P

Happy Belated Birthday Lena!! I hope you looked really stylish in your Mango clothes and posed for lots of pics like Ken bit.ly/16XMq0M ;D After that, I' sure you ate lots of yummy cake bit.ly/pNUBfz bit.ly/YUXT16 whilst admiring all your lovely presents and then OBVIOUSLY, dance party bit.ly/1149d7Y bit.ly/117gnK7 ;DD And of course, we can't have Lena without some Supernatural bit.ly/1336rm6.

That was nowhere near how good you could have done it but I hope you like this set and the gifs and I hope you have a really fab Sunday, or what's left of it anyway. Thanks for always checking my tumblr and being a super duper awesome friend!

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