I slipped on a chili in the supermarket and fell on the floor in some sort of splits move whilst still holding onto the trolley all while some dude just stood there staring at me and that pretty much sums up my whole week.

Hey guys, how ya doing. Inspiration is currently very rare and hard to come by, but after 3 days of trying to make a set, this happened and I quite like it.

Right so I saw a couple of people make @diegolohve birthday sets and I went on your page but I didn't see a date anywhere. I realise now its because you wanna stay anonymous which is cool but I decided that my next set would be dedicated to you so here we are. HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY YO, I don't even know how late I am but I hope you (and @london-rose) had a real awesome day. You are one of the coolest polypeople I've met, have a real awesome sense of style and seriously, I comment this on every single set of yours, but your layouts are absolute perfection. I hope this is a real fab year for you. Here's to wishing that you get to go to France and meet beaucoup de garçons and get into your dream college. Hope this is also a year filled with lots of yummy foods, addictive tv shows, Harries twins and Cara sets ;D

If you're reading this in your head, insert a torrent of dying coughs here because my throat is resembling an old man and this damn cough is killing me. As well as rattling every bone in my body.

Anyway I was tagged by the awesome @i-rena and the wonderful @frenchkitty (I know I haven't commented on your set yet, but I've read it all :D Will comment once I finish all this homework) to do this tag. All you have to do is state 25 facts about yourself. I have a feeling this is going to be a long post...

25 Things You Never Really Wanted To Know About Maleeha:

1. I like to whisper 'c'est la vie' under my breath after winning arguments.

2. I once paid way too much for a dinosaur button.

3. I once found a pistachio that was impossible to open and it now resides in my makeup bag, forever waiting to come out of its shell.

4. Way back before online shopping was a thing, the best way to spend your time was scouring through the Argos catalogue looking at all the toys you wish you had. Seriously, this was one of the highlights of my childhood.

5. I hate when the strings of my hoodie are uneven. This has officially become my fatal flaw as I am constantly under the threat of someone pulling the strings if I don't do as they say.

6. I am a perfectionist through and through.

7. My French teacher hole punches paper in the wrong place so that it's never even and every time I die a little inside.

8. I never only sneeze once, never. It's always 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 11 sneezes in a row.

9. I'd go to prom for this dress bit.ly/Xij09k seriously, it's so beautiful, I'm crying.

10. In science the goggles don't fit under my headscarf so I have to wear it over my scarf like a crazy alien genius which I happened to doodle for your viewing pleasure bit.ly/1322JgJ.

11. My mum says I type like an animal. I was thinking graceful like a gazelle, she was more on the line of a hippo or elephant.

12. I don't have many 'normal' pictures of me, they're mainly all photo bomb pictures with me pulling retarded faces.

13. Small talk isn't really my thing. The weather is about as small as I can get. Big talk is where it's at.

14. I'm pretty good at giving presentations if I must say so myself. Most people don't understand there's no point in just reading a PowerPoint. The ppt is there for key facts, you're supposed to flesh it out as you speak. Thanks for that dad.

15. I am super excited for the return of Doctor Who. Hopefully, the plot lines will be more elaborate this time. Basically, if you have no idea what's going on, it's a good episode.

16. I love heights. I'm hoping to go to Thorpe Park again to sit right at the front on Stealth. I will be pissing myself but it shall be awesome (Google it, it's freaking huge).

17. I love making lists and filling out forms. Particularly in block capitals.

18. I love making things. 
That seems kind of vague but I mean as in building things. Lego, flat pack furniture, things like that. Dreaming of the day I have my own drill and can potter around doing all sorts of DIY.

19. I'm a frequent winner of arguments.

20. I can give a real killer glare. That normally helps me win the arguments ;)

21. If you ask me to apologise, an apology is the last thing that's going to come out of my mouth.

22. I'm a firm believer of 'go big or go home' because if you're going to go to the effort of actually doing something, you might as well go all out, if you ask me.

23. My hair smells of coconut thanks to Herbal Essences.

24. I don't complain or at least I try not to complain about little things, textiles coursework being the only exception. It just annoys me when people complain about petty things they can easily fix if they just shut up and get on with it. Complaining about bigger things that are out of my control however, is one of my favourite past times ;)

25. I've been jotting down these facts all week because I know when it comes to actually writing them down, I will forget every single thing about the person I am and end up writing stupid things like 'I like samosas'. Mind you, that's not really a stupid thing...

So there you have it. That was a pretty cool tag. I'm going to tag @tell-me-more @patpatkay @lenasupernatural @limabean-347 @sawe @hortensie @bestdressx @de-si-ree @evanabosh @ashley-rebecca @istylista and Coco because I genuinely wanna know more about you all in the least stalkerish way possible. Plus I've been doing a lot of tags without tagging more people so this should hopefully make up for it :D

Hope you are all enjoying your Monday and have a great week!

*This blog was actually written yesterday but by the time I actually got a chance to post a set, it was already the wee hours of Monday morning so I decided instead to.go to sleep. Consequently, I had to keep slapping myself awake in maths. Le sigh.*
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