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Top Sets for 13th April 2013

GUYS I FIGURED IT!! You know how when you like a set, it no longer says '50 likes + me' and instead it is just a heart. Basically, if you haven't liked the set, saved the item etc it is just an outline of a heart. If you have liked it etc, it is a filled in heart. It's a really subtle change and it's annoying as hell and I don't like it but I'm pretty proud to say that I figured that out :D

I think I should rant about the weather more because ever since my last set, the sun has been shining more than it ever has this whole year and the temperature has risen a great load and I can freaking feel my toes when I go outside. Now let's just hope it stays like this...

Oh I finished reading Light in a day and it is satisfying to know that I haven't forgotten how to speed read. Idk how I feel about the ending. I mean there was only one possible way for the book to end, but the final battle so to say was very anticlimatic. I expected a lot more than 4 lines for the final scene. Plus some of the character's fates were very abrupt and I don't think they got their proper closure. I sound very cryptic but I'm trying not to ruin it for anyone. And yes @robot-in-a-box Astrid is still as freaking annoying as ever and I wish she could just go die in a hole. But other than that, the book was still very good, probably not as good as some of the others in the series but that certainly wasn't a waste of a day.

This tumblr is my new obsession. A girl does her interpretations of Pokemon drawings without ever having seen Pokemon before.

Also, I love that jumper and purse so much, ugh, be mine please. And Amelia Zadro is as stunning as ever!

Anyway, my break from revision is over, time to go do a French paper. Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday!!
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