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I'm really loving the month of April because the month started on a Monday which pleases my OCD side as well as the fact that I can now work out which day the dates fall on :D

Hey guys, how aren't you doing? Apparently if I say 'how ya doin' I sound like one of those Finn and Jake twin dudes so I guess I shall try for something else. It's been forever since I've sat down and written a proper blog, no tags or anything, just my stupid ol' thoughts on the internet for your viewing pleasure, or torture. Either way it's been forever. But I plan to be posting more over the next 2 weeks so by the end of the fortnight, I will have said everything there is to possibly say about my uneventful life.

First though, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @hortensie :DDDDD I'm a day early rather than a week late for once which is a nice change :D I wish you the absolute best for the year ahead and I hope you stay as stylish as always because your sets are a huge inspiration, no seriously, I always find myself migrating to your page whenever I'm stuck for ideas :D I love the name Ola and I love the conversations we have on here and I'm so glad to have met such an awesome friend. I hope you gets lots of amazing presents tomorrow and eat huge amounts of cake and have a great time. I tried to make a set inspired by you and I think I sorta got it although your layouts are so awesome and I feel as if they have no set pattern, it's just the way you manage to make it look perfect each time. Also I'm not saying you're uncool, I just thought the picture worked ;D Stay awesome!! Wszystkiego! I hope that says what I think it says because I didn't use Google Translate for that one...

I am very, very excited today and 'On Top Of The World' by Imagine Dragons could literal be the soundtrack to my life at the moment.

For all you curious people, here's a breakdown of why I am excited:
5% - The sun is shining for the first time this year and although it's cold as hell, it looks like the middle of summer and I love it. I just realised hell would be the very opposite of cold .-.

5% - The past couple of days I've been helping my mum make a ton of samosas and kebabs and now I smell like deliciousness.

5% - I've almost finished FMA and I can't wait to find out what happens at the end and just these past few eps have been so intense, its crazy.

5% - I have 3 finished drafts waiting to be published and this has NEVER happened before. After a horrible spell of no inspiration, I've made 3 sets in just over a day when normally I make 1 set a week 0.o

5% - HOLIDAYS!! 2 weeks off school is exactly what I need and I plan to be very productive and get loads done.

5% - My cousin just got engaged and the wedding is later on this year.

5% - I have recently gained quite a few followers on tumblr and I don't even know why.

890% - I JUST ORDERED THE FINAL BOOK IN THE GONE SERIES AND IT SHOULD BE HEAR BY THE END OF THE WEEK. I AM DYING TO READ THIS. I never even knew the book came out, it just snuck up on me and the minute I realised I was just like BAM BAM BAM and now I am sitting by the window waiting for my lovely Amazon package to arrive and for my social life to be over for the following day. Ha, what social life ;) But seriously, I don't think you realise how much this excites me. The Gone series is the best series I've ever read and they're the most unpredictable book I've ever read. Even more than that, I was so excited that I actually bought the book. I never buy books, ever. Or well veeery occasionally. @robot-in-a-box dude you are 4th in line to read it. And answer my texts yo, I feel the need to see that face of yours sometime soon. BUT I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW THIS WILL END AND I SHALL BE AN EMOTIONAL WRECK BY THE END OF IT, or as much of an emotional wreck an unemotional person like me can be. I knew I should've paid extra for the express delivery. Ugh I'm not the most patient of people and I've been waiting so long for this book. I know I could've gone to WHSmiths and got it but they're so overpriced there gah.

Anyway guys, I'm off to watch the final 3 episodes of FMA, hope you're all enjoying your week. I was about to say weekend because being on holidays means I lose all sense of date and time. Au revoir mes amis!
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