Top Set for March 15th 2013

21 things currently on my mind.

1. So Anne Hathaway just died which makes me real happy because I don't like her. She died in Les Mis, not real life don't worry. But yeah, I didn't expect that. I was waiting for the hair cutting scene which I've seen in the trailer so I was like oh she can't die yet, that hasn't happened. Turns out that doesn't happen in the book.

2. Polyvore started following me. I'm not sure if they follow everyone but that popped up in my activity. Feels like I'm officially part of some exclusive club which I don't belong in ahahaha.

3. I've always wanted to slip on a banana peel, it always looks fun in the cartoons. I'll add that to my bucket list.

4. I got my results back and they were pretty good. 2 A*s and 2 As. I'm annoyed because in bio I was one mark away from A* but its ok because this is only a quarter of my grade so I can still get A* overall. And I'm going to retake the English exam because I don't want an A. Ugh, gonna have to study Of Mice and Men all over again.

5. I'm currently sitting in @robot-in-a-box's house waiting for her to turn up because she decided to disappear off somewhere... dude hurry up and get home.

6. I'm absolutely sick and tired of hearing about freaking prom. To mark the end of high school we are having a prom which I'm not going to because prom is stupid in my opinion. Ugh I was stuck there in Economics yesterday surrounded by such drama about who invited who to sit in a freaking limo. I've ranted enough about this to my mum so not gonna go full out but honestly these girls were acting so pathetic. They wanted to 'make an entrance'. Mate, if you wanna make an entrance turn up in the freaking 407 bus.

7. Did I mention that prom is 2 months away and I've had to endure this crap during Eco for a month already. Ugh. It reminds me of that quote on tumblr. People buying things they don't need, with money they don't have, to impress people they don't even like.

8. Oh and antiprom is not an option seeing as I'm the only girl not going... 

9. I've doubled my portions of lunch and now I never get hungry between period 3 and 4. It's like a miracle. Weight gain here I come?

10. I wonder if people read my blogs but never comment because I've realised I read quite a few people's ramblings but idk I never comment because I feel like a stalker. Yo, I don't bite unless you're food so say hi :D

11. Happy birthday @hug-voldemort. I'm slightly late so sorry but you are an awesome person and I love your sets and I hope you have a real awesome year full of sunny days and tasty food and designer clothes. Regular birthday greetings aren't really my thing as you can see...

12. FMA is getting real good and I have just arrived at like a major revelation so basically watching anime is how I shall spend the rest of today.

13. My career for the next couple of weeks is of a slave because a guy at school found out that I'm reading A Game of Thrones and has blackmailed me with spoilers to become his slave. So I need to hurry up and read 3 books in order to free myself. Le sigh.

14. It's movie night tonight. I think ima watch Le Hobbit again because it was so freaking good. And Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug will just be epic. Oh sweet bananas I can't even wait. In my head, I've played out the whole trilogy to the end. Tolkein's story telling was so good that for a moment I forgot that the end hasn't even been filmed yet and that the image I have in my head is purely based off the book.

15. DOCTOR WHO IS STARTING AGAIN AT THE END OF MARCH OMG. I haven't watch any BBC dramas since the end of Merlin :( But I really hope this season is good because let's be honest, last season was absolute crap. I like the new companion but I just feel like I have to be loyal to Amy and not like Oswin #fangirlproblems

16. Oh its Mothers Day tomorrow. More like a commercial opportunity to make money. Cynical Maleeha strikes again.

17. If anyone wants to learn a language, go sign up to duolingo.com. It's such an awesome website and its helping me perfect my French and achieve one of my 43 things woohoo.

18. I really want an awesome notebook with something cool/clever written on the front. Like 'Plans for World Domination' or 'Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide' or just that freaking Star Wars Moleskin that I want so bad. Thing is, sometimes books are so nice and I feel like what I have to write inside isn't worthy of the notebook itself. It's stupid but true. My dad actually gave me this random Tesco journalists notepad which I plan on filling up by the end of the year for my 43 things.

19. I'm actually quite adamant about completing my 43 things. I'm surprised that I wanna complete something so bad. Maybe by putting it on the internet for the world to see its like there's no backing out now...

20. On the way home from school yesterday it was raining and there was a huge puddle and I was trying to avoid it as much as possible when this damn car went past so freaking fast and splashed all the water over me like in those sad scenes in movies when the guy has just broken up with the girl and he no longer wants to be spiderman and he's all given up on life. Anyway I got completely soaked and it wasn't fun. This is the second time that woman has done this. If I see her on Monday I'm going to have a right word with her. And possibly upturn the contents of my water bottle over her head, just so she knows what it feels like.

21. I love the cut of that shirt. It just speaks to me. It's weird and I'm not even going to try to explain. I'm actually really happy with this set. Not my usual type of layout but I really like it and the inspiration for this took a while to hit me.

Anyway I hope you're all enjoying the weekend. For some weird reason I feel like I'm in the mood to do some studying...

Adiós señoritas!
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