Top Sets for 10th August. I don't even have like a reaction gif or anything, I'm so unprepared ahahaha. THANK YOU :D :D

So Polyvore have this AWESOME contest which they say will be judged based on THE DESCRIPTION. THE DESCRIPTION. If you hadn't already noticed, descriptions are like MY THING. So yes, I am excited :D PLUS there is an actual prize. AND as far as I can see, there is no little blue button of doom telling me that the contest is only open to 'legal residents of the 50 states of America'. My face = Johnny Bravo

But anyway, here is my Polyvore story, with apostrophes and all.

Well, where do I start? I've read how people on here have become 'inspired' by Polyvore and that always makes me laugh (not in a bad way) because whenever someone says that, I imagine them sitting in the dark, depressed and shovelling ice cream down their throat and they look up and see their laptop open, and the familiar Polyvore home screen is like a beacon in the dark, calling to them and then they are hit with a wave of inspiration and furiously start to make awesome sets. It's safe to say that Polyvore's effect on me was more gradual than that.
The best thing Polyvore has allowed me to do, is to blog about anything and everything. The descriptions accompanying my sets mean as much to me as the set itself. I cannot remember the time before, when all these ideas and thoughts I had were locked up in my head, it seems almost second nature now to write about whatever has been on my mind that day. I know it's going to sound cheesy and cliché, but I think Polyvore has allowed me to find out more about myself as a person. I never knew that I was quite good at story telling and had an ability to make people laugh, traits that I only realised once I got responses from my blogs. Blogs that are consistently very long, I don't need Polyvore to realise that I talk too much :P (and this is getting longer than expected...) I really hope to carry this on in the future and maybe look towards a career that allows me to write freely and make people laugh :D
Aside from letting me blog, one of the things on here that has impacted me most, is the amazing people I have met. The friends I have made on here are such awesome and inspiring people, so much so that it seems like I've known them for a whole lifetime, not just the two years that I've been on here. I'm not even going to bother tagging them, because they know who they are and I seriously love them all :D
And finally, probably the most obvious way Polyvore has changed me is my sense of style. I used to play it safe with simple outfits but once I saw the endless possibilities of mixing and matching outfits, my style has significantly changed. I've been inspired to try out new trends, particularly wearing bright colours and feeling confident in them! Although I still hate shopping, it is really satisfying seeing a outfit from Polyvore come to life and make it's way into my wardrobe!
Thank you doesn't even cover for all the amazing things that have happened to me via this website and I honestly don't regret the endless hours I've spent on here :D


Hmm well there is my entry. I'm not gonna talk anymore but next blog will definitely be long because I have SO much to tell you guys argh!!! ENJOY THE WEEKEND Y'ALL.
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