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Well hasn't it been a frigging long time huh. And I'm trying to think of all significant things that have happened since the twenty ninth of September and I can think of none. Actually I can think of a few, and here they are. (I realise that the above sentence contains horribly poor grammar, but it's Friday and proof reading is a thing for Mondays).

Significant Thing Number 1: I FREAKING FINISHED MY FOUR PAGE ESSAY ON INTEREST RATES AND IT actually sounded reasonably ok. Now that I think about it, it was quite well written. When I ponder about ti even further, I realise I am actually quite proud of that essay. That is a sad thing to be proud of. Anyways I would insert le essay here but it is horribly boring. Also, I totally fluffed up the conclusion and will get absolutely no marks for whatever crap I wrote in the last 10 minutes. I have the essay saved but i refuse to read it again because I know I will kick myself for the mess I made right at the end.

Significant Thing Number 2: I'm going to write the following in lower caps. Because upper case does not emphasise enough the importance of what I have to say. Merlin, the best freaking show in the freaking history of BBC (except for Robin Hood, I haven't forgotten you Robin) is back on air. After 8 months of waiting. Excuse me while I spazz the fudge out. OMGMERLINISBACKAWSDFGHDFSDGHGYDFGJRKHITEUIHGBFHDGBDFHHDGFHDGGFBDHGFDGFDHGGRUE. Gah it was amazing and just everything and this evil guy who I am supposedly meant to remember from season 1 (?) is back and causing trouble and being generally evil and things gown get bad real soon and that was my failed attempt at a Southern accent. Hey do you think you can portray accents through writing. Like I wonder if you guys actually read this with a British accent. Actually we have been reading Of Mice and Men in class and there are some pretty heavy accents. So I guess you can. But if you want to portray an accent I guess you have to actually write properly with the apostrophes for missing letters and such. Which is too much effort.

Significant Thing Number 3: I need to applaud you guys for following my line of thought. Seriously sometimes even I don't know what I'm saying so God knows how you guys understand any of this but I applaud you for your perseverance.

Significant Thing Number 4: Apparently some significant political something happened in the US yesterday seeing as I woke up this morning to a tumblr dash full of old guys in suits laughing at each other and saying presidentially stuff and tbh I don't care about who becomes the next President of the US because all politicians are stupid and need to just shut the hell up for a minute and think like a normal person rather than thinking like an idiot and doing stupid stuff and putting us into damn recessions with everybody complaining about no money and benefit cheats and interest rates because then poor high school student LIKE ME have to write 4 page essays about how you messed up our economy and the mess you've made of interest rates. Bloody hell.

Is ranting a job? Guys seriously I need to make ranting a job. Think of all the money I would make. Damn.

Significant Thing Number 5: My textiles project is /actually/ going somewhere. I will explain more about what I am doing later but I need your help because I need to make 7 buttons and on each button will be a design related to something British. Turns out, I have no idea about what is typically British. So ideas? Or I could just go ahead and tag all the 1D fangirls because they seem to know more about my own country than I do.

Significant Thing Number 6: I have been stalking Of Monsters and Men (feels like de ja vu after the Of Mice and Men paragraph above) and they are absolutely amazing and all credit goes to @sky-rocketer the girl with the freaking majestic voice that is like music to my ears, quite literally ahahah. Also, side note, Of Monsters and Men is one of the best book series ever and y'all seriously need to read it. I admit, the first couple of chapters seem painstakingly boring but guys, just, you don't know what you are missing out on, go read. And yes I am talking to you too @tell-me-more because you best have ordered those books.

Significant Thing Number 7: I finished my meds. My horrible meds with the nasty side effects which have plighted my existence for the past 2 months are finished. Ha, what a joke. I randomly got some throat infection last week and my throat had swollen up and there was crazy stuff going on but anyways, the point is that I had to go to the doctors to get le infection checked out and then she just casually mentioned that oh I have to take the meds FOR ANOTHER 5 FREAKING MONTHS. I have no words. Except for this brilliant depiction of my face upon hearing le terrible news I actually took a quiz today about which internet cat I am and no surprise, i turned about to be Tard the Grumpy Cat who is the cat in the lovely link above.

Significant Thing Number 8: HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY @mandymink !!!! Ah i know we haven;t talked in awhile but you are an awesome friend and I hope your birthday was amazingly awesome and I wish you an even more amazing year! This point should be right at the top of the blog but I am too lazy to go back and change all the numbers and edit this in so I'm sorry. Love you girl :D

Significant Thing Number 9: I don't know how I feel about Lance Armstrong. I mean he has done LOADS of charity work but then again these drug cheating allegations seem pretty legit and if they are true the wow this guy needs to hired by like the mafia or something because this is an amazingly executed drug scandal and I am in awe of his sneakiness. And for all you worried folk out there (Punchy) no I will not be inspired to take drugs and become a cyclist. Duh, that would involve me actually having to /do/ something.

Significant Thing Number 10: Somebody on the internet realised their broom looks like Johnny Bravo and Maleeha approves. Damn I've missed my JB links.

Significant Thing Number 11: Just about every Indian movie ever. And just gonna put this out there Don't even ask.

Significant Thing Number 12: Confession time: I don't find animals on the internet all that cute. I'm not really an 'aww that's so cute person'. BUT OH SWEET PUMPKIN PIE ISN'T THIS THE ABSOLUTE MOST CUTEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN Just omg. Somebody give that bunny a wittle cawwot. Please. Also, random fact, I eat a carrot every single day. And have done for about 5 years. And everyone finds it hilarious. Taking a carrot to school everyday is what I do ok. The days my mum forgets to stock up on carrots are sad days.

Significant Thing Number 13: I'm not really an inspirational quotes person because I have not yet ever been inspired by any quote but whatever. I thought this was pretty cool. And the geek in me loved the graphs :D

Significant Thing Number 14: I actually managed to keep this whole number thing going the whole way through this blog and now it is horribly long so I shall stop and go watch some Avatar The Last Airbender. Totally shipping Katara and Zuko here.

Significant Thing Number 15: Dem @ragandbone boots

Significant Thing Number 16: IT'S FRIDAY EVERYBODY
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